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Does a stone have access to infinite information because it does not have consciousness?

if the universe is information and we as finite beings whose minds can process less than 1% of the stimulus we receive, than is a stone with no consciousness therefore “processing” 100% information… no? is that the hang up? processing? perhaps, like a stone, we process, but consciousness is how we WANT to process and is limited. I am so confused.


  1. I don’t think so. Without consciousness, it has no access to any information & even if it did it wouldn’t be able to do anything with the info…A stone can’t think, can’t move, can’t do much but sit there & be a stone. If there is more going on in the stone, then I’m very confused myself! Where are you getting these facts & figures? Who says we only process 1% of the stimulus we receive?

  2. a great question dude and i feel only a few people will understnd the depth of it. well i suppose when we humans cant understand much (as u said), we are not in a state to understand such things but maybe well find an answer in a couple of million years.
    ofcourse if we exist till then.

  3. I’m not sure if I understand your question completely, but from what I understood, I don’t think so, it will have infinite information limited to it’s own little word and the things that it already knows, which is basically nothing. So they basically know everything about absolutely nothing, and we know very little about everything.
    Your question sounds like something out of The Phaedo or something.

  4. no need for confusion that is the idea behind the worship of shiva linga which is made of all kinds of stones and stores energy proportionately

  5. A stone does not reflect intelligence, but is an object of intelligence. Intelligence forms the stone and maintains the stone, but is not the stone. We reason and shape thought and will in time be conscious of only what (truly) is. If you ever peak for a moment into infinite thought, you see that as of now, we are not even close to a 1% so-called processing rate. But here is the deal, the Creator did not need the stone to move and bear witness, and man has no processing rate.


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