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Does a severe migraine aura ever indicate something more serious than a migraine?

I’ve had blue flashes and brown spots before, but last night’s migraine had very, Very, VERY bright wavy, pulsing-lightning-bolt lines that lasted longer than 20 minutes. I took my medicines and went to bed, but I was scared. I was afraid I was having a stroke.


  1. Migraines can and do cause these symptoms, but they are not that common in men. My opinion would be to go back to your neurologist to see if he/she wants to set up some more or different testing. Sometimes a change in medication helps too. There are more than just one migraine medication on the market and sometimes a combination of one of these with a muscle relaxer can be used. It all depends on your specific case and doctor. Good luck and God Bless

  2. This would probably not be an indication of a stroke – you do not get that kind of symptoms. However, your doctor that manages your migraines wants to know any time you have a change in your pattern of migraines so that he/she can decide whether they need to see you sooner rather than later. Call them and report your new symptoms and your concerns.

  3. I’ve had those myself and they are very scary, but I’ve been told by my doctor that it has to do with pressure on the optic nerve, and as long as it is temporary, isn’t something to worry about. However, if your vision remains obstructed for longer, you need to go to a doctor to be sure your don’t have a retinal tear.


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