Does a person need to perform a dedication ritual to practice magick?






I would like to know if someone needs to perform a self dedication ritual to perform magick and other rituals. Also if you did’nt perform a self dedication ritual and performed a regular ritual can you expect the same results if you would have performed a self dedication ritual?


  1. It is completely dependent on your exact religion and the associated customs…
    Are you in a coven of some sort?
    Are you practicing a particular type of wicca?
    You may want to question your peers on this… many groups have some particular ceremonies for blessing you or “dedicating” your powers…

  2. It’s a deeply personal thing.
    The first book I bought (over 20 years ago) stressed trusting one’s inner bell. Meaning if something doesn’t feel right then don’t do it, look for another approach.
    It all depends on what you feel comfortable with – but a rule to thumb I’d avoid anything that requires the destruction of, or any form of disrespect of anything physical or symbolic of your previous faith. Just because you are considering changing something does not mean you disrespect your previous choices.
    Hope it helps.

  3. Well, twisting your question a bit, does some one have to preform a dedication ritual to be able to perform magick, the answer would be no. I have never done any type of dedication ritual and i still use magick almost daily. I dont really do much though, most if it is just natural talent, i dont think that i have ever used a spell or anything like that. well i guess i am not much help am i? i tried lol

  4. You really do not need a dedication ritual or some sort of solitary initiation ritual.
    Magick really has nothing to do with religion, faith, etc. Just do it.
    Sure if your pagan, wiccan, heathen, faith has all these rules and mumbo jumbo, then your magick might be more effective in that system, because you’re doing that system’s beliefs, spells, techniques, and rules, etc.
    My most effective spells were when I made them myself and didn’t think about them really, and just did them in a few minutes.
    Magick isn’t hard, and doesn’t need to be, sure do a dedication rite, whatever that is for a few minutes, and then that’s it, just do it.

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