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Does a person go to heaven if he goes through all the magic rituals to get "saved", but still has doubts…?

when he dies? My uncle recently passed away, but before he died he said that he really wasn’t sure there is a God anymore. I’m worried that he won’t go to heaven. Should I be?
bdsmith, that is so nice.


  1. The only way to be saved is by believing the Gospel, not by rituals or any works. If you believe the Gospel, you know that you have eternal life (1 John 5:13).
    Salvation is a free gift that happens in a split second of time! You can’t work your way into heaven. The truth is that the Bible makes how to go to heaven clear and easy. The only way to be saved and go to heaven and not the eternal lake of fire is by believing in this life that Jesus, who is God, died for our sins on the cross and rose again (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe this and you are saved! It doesn’t take a lifetime. It takes only a second in believing the Gospel.
    Pray right now and ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and you will be in heaven with Him forever when you die 🙂

  2. the only path to heaven is a belief that Jesus died for your sins and was the son of God who raised him up on the third day, but if you so believe and have publicly professed this belief there is a passage in the Bible that states what the lord has placed in his hand nothing may snatch it out or some such

  3. There are no magic rituals in Salvation. Salvation requires a belief that Jesus is God, that you are a sinner, Jesus died and rose again to save you and a request for Jesus to do so. Period end of story.
    I cannot answer whether your uncle went to heaven, I know that all believers have times when they struggle. If your uncle made a decision to follow Christ, but was simply having a hard time then I would not worry. That is all I can say. The Lord is mighty and merciful, your uncle is in Jesus’ loving hands. Put your heart at rest. He belongs to God now.

  4. There is no magic ritual. Either one believes with his whole heart that Jesus died,was buried and rose again or they do not. There is no in between. No one can say what your uncle`s relationship with God was,but if he lived life as a Christian, I would`nt worry too much. What people say especially in times of stress does not mean that is how they truly feel.

  5. Im not sure what you mean by ‘rituals’ but having doubts COULD have an effect. If he has accepted Jesus and truly believes in God, he will go to heaven. The heart of a person can feel doubt but must ultimately believe and accept. But that is something you can’t really get an answer to on the internet. Thats something you should pray about.
    ~Best Of Wishes

  6. I am sorry for your loss of your uncle.
    God knows each and every heart.
    Repentence and seeking the answer thru God’s Word is how to keep your faith strong, Jesus does the rest!
    No matter where your uncle is spending eternity, I do know one thing, he wants YOU to know Jesus and wherever your uncle may be….he wants you to go to heaven.
    Don’t worry about your uncle, be concerned about your own Salvation or lack there of.
    May God Bless you with Salvation!

  7. I think it is very sad that people think this and worry about it .
    I find it cruel that anyone would answer with an answer that would suggest that they KNOW that your uncle would be denied heaven for doubting what no one REALLY knows.
    If there is an afterlife, I find it difficult to believe in the God that men pretent to know, that would be so fickle and deny a person just for being a thinking human.

  8. First i want to say that you have made an awesome question that deserves a serious response. I would like to ask you if you believe you will go to heaven? do you believe in God once so ever? and what rituals specifically are you talking about?….. It sounds like your uncle may have had just a very hard confusing time confronting in his mind right before he passed away. If you saw him acting in humility the best he could, if you saw him love and care for others while really being in love with christ at the time before he said this to you, then i do firmly believe he went to heaven.
    Here is the mistake that most christians have made throughout the years that has just gone wrong. There is not place in the bible that describes a prayer that in which you ask to receive Christ in your heart……i repeat that as the truth. If that isn’t the truth then there is no way in the world Jesus could preach it because he was saying that right in front of people. Jesus didn’t go around saying “Ask me in your heart and then you will go to heaven”, there isn’t even an underlining verse that can back it up.
    The point is that i am called to be a christian litterally meaning a little christian, this means being a physical representation of Christ on the earth today. Here is my challenge to anyone who doesn’t agree with this statement. If you wake up day in and day out never striving to do God’s work or even have a real relationship with God then how do you know you are even saved from the sin you committed to begin with. The whole idea of being saved is to become different and changed, to truly take a 180 in life and become a righteous person.
    Christ himself told us that if we do not bear fruit and remain in him then we are like a tree without fruit that should be thrown into the fire after the harvest has been collected. The purposeful life for a christian is to strive to bear those fruit that christ is talking about. In all i do firmly believe that if your uncle did this then you can be reassured he is in heaven. My question is do you feel you are doing this yourself? Obviously no matter what the outcome is we really can’t determine what will become until we ourselves are dead. Until then i would suggest taking the time to seriously look into your life and ask yourself what life is all about in the end.
    I understand that death hurts and loving those around us who have gone is a very hard thing for our minds to grasp at. Here is a challenge i bring to you, ask God if he is there to reveal himself to you. After that just keep going throughout your days and i promise you will hear a response soon.


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