Does a kundalini awakening ever stop?

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I accidentally activated my kundalini through yoga and breath retention. I had no idea what to expect, and now I just want it to go away. I keep getting flu-like symptoms, anxiety, and severe back pain. I’ve read just about every website out there, I’ve sat by trees, I’ve eaten more meat, but nothing seems to help. Sometimes I am even bed-ridden.

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Whats a Kundalini awakening?

Luci D.

This is one of the most advanced events in Yoga and often causes distress in those not ready for it.
Here is a link to a list of Spiritual teachers and guides:
There are lots of other web sites which offer advice on Kundalini awakenings. Here are some links:

Chauncy Gardener

Sounds like your having a panic effect. Did you do this yourself? Seek a reiki practioner and tell them of the problem–you need grounding!!
Also, try chanting oh num shebai oh num shebai—chanting just about anything will help alleviate the effect. While in meditation imagine closing the chakra with your hands. Let your mind fly if it must, but it will come to rest and you will relax. Alot of whats happening is memories flying to the surface and unresolved issues. Also, a good massage from a reiki attuned or kundalini therapist will help alot!
Good luck! Dont worry! Happens to all of us……..


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