Does a full moon make you crazy?

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Do you think Gurdjieff was right with positive and negative ions being exchanged between us, the moon and planets because they are evolving psychic properties and this is what accounts for full moon insanity? As if during full moons we can really feel our minds and psyhes being pulled about by the moon giving us an extra amount of ions that are foreign to us which are coming from all over the universe?

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i don’t know about it making me crazy but I am definately affected by the phase of the moon – its something that fascinates me and I am learning more about it day by day

Believe the 'Al-Gayb' !!

No ! I like full moon & blue moon.


I worked in a nursing home for 10 years as a nurses aide, believe me we knew when there was a full moon we were gonna have a bad night, oh yeah everyone was off the wall.
Also work 14 years with the developmentally disabled, mentally ill , their is truth to that trust me!




The full moon always affects people, regardless if they feel it or not. And it may be ions or whatever, but it’s a change.
Have you ever wondered why the worst day to visit the e.r. is a full moon? More accidents, more deliveries, more craziness.

padma m

Yes . most of the times .


Without a doubt the Moon effects the Earth with gravitational and tidal forces. Newton,of course, explained this with his laws of motion. Most of the “full moon madness or insanity” started in 12th century Europe with the arrival of Pasteurella pestis,or the The black Plague. This was mainly due to the fact during full moons the rats, as they too died, would scream into the night. It does not take much imagination to understand what that might have been like and how the full moon was feared. I do remember Cardinal Richelieu touched on this in some of his later writings. I’m not aware of anything scientific in regards to such “Psychic Properties”.

ΨĦell ßoyψ

Yes, my claws grow and i get hairy.


Gurdjieff says that the planets and moon does influence us and they effect different aspects of our bodies. The planets effect the endocrine system and our hormones. The moon also has an effect on the endocrine system.
I think insanity is probably a bit extreme though, but during a full moon we are more agitated, there is a heavier energy circulating and as a result people have a shorter temper, are disturbed easier, more restless and get negative easier.
On the flip side, the new moon has the opposite effect, we have less energy, are duller, more apathetic and care less about things around us. Both these states are negative.
Tthis knowledge from Gurdjieff’s point of view is only to help us understand that we are machines with buttons that are pushed and once we start to become aware of this, we can raise our state of consciousness.

Joe 7h3 7ru7h 533k3r

Yes, i don’t think that is because of psychic properties but it is the most beautiful thing in the universe and it just make me feel so………… inspired.


Do you agree that falsehood is the child of fear?

"Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another." - Aleister Crowley

what does it mean when someone can see life through your eyes and connect to you telepathically?

i have telepathy and some other shiiit i guess because others can see what i see and comment on everything i do.

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