Doe the subconscious mind do alot of things we dont notice at all?

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I know when you drive a car it is doing alot of things because sometimes ill do something without even thinking about it.
Is the subconscious mind generally doing things without us noticing at all?

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Akirah S

true oh yea

kicking your crosses down

this is exactly one of the things that Freud tried to prove.

person on yahoo answers ^_^

did you really ask this question? really?


I think so! Think about how big human brains are…!!


Absolutely. Just think about breathing, especially during sleeping. You’re not in a conscious mindset (obviously) and your subconscious mind regulates the rate of your breathing. This is just one example. It’s a truly fascinating subject, and one, if you are interested in, I would recommend researching more.
The technology we are coming out with nowadays is mind boggling, but the human body is still (I think) the most unbelievable “work of art”.


well when you wake up in the morning, you don’t think ‘right now i’ll get out of bed and i’ll go to the bathroom and shower and brush my teeth’ do you? No cause your subconscious mind knows from Habit that you do these things automatically. So because these things are done automatically from Habit, you get to the stage where you don’t notice them.


That’s actually why it’s called the sub (meaning below) concious mind meaning that it is working below your concious awareness of it. The subconcious mind is doing incredible things – that is where dreams come from, the things that magically “pop” into your memory are often from your subconcious. Hypnotists are able to “talk” to the subconcious mind and get clues as to why you are feeling a certain way or have certain phobias even to the extent of recalling past lives.


It happens a lot to me. Ha, I once punched my grandma, I was possessed? That doesn’t count doesn’t it..


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