Documentaries on lucid dreaming or astral projection?

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I would really like to watch a documentary on either lucid dreaming or astral projection. Their so interesting and I would like to know more.:)

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There’s not much Information on this since all cases are personal.
You can type in your search box astral projection…there is a list of information and some new stuff.
From my experiences with OBE’s is that there’s more stages of out of body then people realize.
Also then your inner eye opens up to see in the room usually when a spirit comes near, the awareness is the same as an out of body except you are still in your body, your body is still asleep, but your aware of everything that goes on around your body because you see and your awareness is alert, and you can communicate with the spirit that’s there, I don’t this in this stage about 12 times, and had about four to five out of body experiences, travel once, and seen spirits that way too, actually had a fight with one demon that would come other times when I was awake and asleep. But that other spirit that comes to me, she is good, and she helps me, and helped me that night to rid that demon, and he never did come back after that night.
There is a lot written on Thomas Kempis, whom wrote the book Imitation of Christ, he was a priest from the 14th Century, died Aug 8 1471…..I couldn’t find the reason for his death, but it was said to me by a priest I know that he died as he was buried alive, due to being out of his body to long, as he would try to control his astral travels, and wanted to take a trip to heaven. Not many people can control their astral traveling as the spirit takes excursions on it’s own. So when they buried him alive, hands in the prayer position, someone said that he goes out of his body, so they dug him back up to find out that he came to at one point, because one of his hands was in his mouth. Perhaps when he came back in his body he was wondering if he is alive because it was so dark, so he bit his hand to feel if there were any pain, and that’s how they found him when they dug him back up.
I would think it’ is written somewhere, because this was said to me by another priest.

Tom 1

I believe the SaltCube DVD is highly recommended.

andy godwin

well, i would think paranormal files has something on it, or another source might have info. but i personally don’t know of any such documentaries. your pretty attractive though


I know of one called Lucid Dream Explorers. It’s like $12
There’s also a whole bunch of typed info on the net like this site –


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