do Zen Buddhists have a different concept of enlightenment?

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Zen Buddhism seems different from other sects of Buddhism, and their concept of what enlightenment is seems totally different as well. What do you think?

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Rico JPA

Now if only I could understand what I just wrote to you. Sigh


How did the chicken get in the jar?


What is the sound of 1 hand clapping? Can you drink Cha from an empty cup? The Zen term is Satori.

Bim W

You are correct
Zen Buddhism finds enlightenment ( awake) through experience rather than through writings this is known as Buddha-nature.
Nature will teach you everything you need to know when you see yourself as one with it. When you see yourself one with everything you allso see yourself as nothing. you then will be awaken.


Zen is distinguished from other sects of Buddhism by NOT depending on words and speech. Rather than studying Buddha’s words, Zen practitioners are only concerned with Buddha’s mind.
Zen teaching points to our original mind, before thinking. Like a clear mirror, this mind reflects this very moment. In Zen, what you’re doing right now is most important. What’s NOT so important is holding concepts, such as “enlightenment” etc etc. “Enlightened” and “unenlightened” are empty names.


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