Do you you believe it is possible to experience "tantra" within and not with another person?

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Is this Asexual?

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I Hate Forest Preserve Cops...

Tantra is basically pointless…
(But Tantric is a great band…)
Think of it this way…
You are starving so you order pizza… You can either eat the pizza while it is hot and you are hungry or you can take a bite, put it down for 5 min’s, take a bite, put it down for 5 min’s, take a bite, put it down for 5 min’s, take a bite, put it down for 5 min’s, take a bite, put it down for 5 min’s, until you finish your pizza… but by the end, it is cold and you are no longer hungry.
The same can be said for Tantric Sex… Holding your orgasm is just teasing yourself and in the long run, is pointless…
Penn & Teller: Season 2 Episode 7: “Yoga, Tantric Sex, Etc.”
The New Age is a marketeers dream. From aromatherapy dishwashing liquid to yoga to crystals, herbs and tarot, we’re swallowing it all! Join us as we travel to the Mecca of New Age, Sedona, Arizona, where we’ll chant, sing, and seek a higher consciousness from hill to dale to parking lot. And stay for our big climax! They say Maui’s the place to achieve a cosmic orgasm while holding a tantric pretzel pose. Watch out! It’s a flying vortex!

Unknown Mystic

Would that be the truth of life, be life affirming? Tantra says yes to what is…. to life, it is not so much about why things work but how things work together, it is the full expression of life and this is why Shakti is worshiped as the creator of life……………and Shiva is the aware presence that life exists in.


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