Do you worship the physical body as the expression of cosmic consciousness?

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To be a true lover,
is to see the beauty of another,
flower with your touch.
Will you worship this expression of cosmic consciousness?
Some of us have had enough of unworthy teachers, the past mistakes of religion, the male only god. We have looked into our hearts and what we have found there we translate into words with our minds.

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no ITS THE TRINITY I WORSHIP….not myself….Hes eternal..


No. I’m not into worship too much.

Dawn W

Actually I have been fearful of letting go .


never worship something that won,t last , the everlasting interpretation of conscious thought over chemistry and ideolitgy will be determined by the strength of the original thought

Dr. Socks

Shut Up.

Ghost Rider in the Sky

No, I don’t.


But as you can see there are many who have yet to learn this, so teach them.


It is a gradual climb to the apex of higher love and cosmic consciousness to completely accept the physical body. We must also accept the lover within.
To see the beauty of others within and to see the beauty within me is on an equal plane. Amazing how this realization just surfaced. Until one can complete the “love journey” within themselves, a love for others cannot be complete.
I love you as much as I love myself. Wow…this is poignant!

Third P

No. Although there are some people who does. That’s why we have come up with different gods adopting as to what they see through their eyes and then transforming such imaginations. All these manifestations may be attributed as what you term expression of the cosmic consciousness.
Thanks for asking, Have a great day!


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