Do you wish there was a Public Magazine for Parapsychology?

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The Skeptics have Skeptical Inquirer and for all things Paranormal there is FATE and FORTEAN TIMES.
However, many professional organizations like the American Psychological Association (APA) have not only scientific journals but a general magazine informing members of ongoing research, political issues, professional issues, etc.
The APA magazine is called “MONITOR on Psychology”
Do you wish there was such a magazine for Parapsychology?
Does anyone know if there is such a magazine for parapsychology?

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I would think there is in the UK try the institute of parapsychology at edinburgh university.
If there isnt I agree there should be-ive done many interesting experiments on myself and others


I would not be interested in such, so i don’t care.

Tom E

There is–it’s ‘broadcast’ telepathically at midnight on the 3rd of every month. 🙂


They have all these magazines now, there should be one for parapsychology.


Yes..I wish there was one and that it was written in lay people’s terms. I usually can’t understand what parapsychologists are saying. I’ve never seen a magazine on the Paranormal.


Not a magazine, but a book; its called:
Parapsychology for Dummies
Actually, try the Journal of Parapsychology


I have no idea if these Italian guys are any good, but they publish a quarterly.
You can look at these classics from Harper’s.
And here’s a few more.
But basically, there doesn’t seem to be a full-time dedicated magazine about parapsychology. Sacre bleu!


Probably one of the greatest websites and radio shows I’ve ever encountered in 30 years is a show developed by a man named Art Bell and currently hosted by George Noory called “Coast to Coast.” They have everything from Ghosts to Conspiracies to UFOs. George has his own news letter that you can sign up for call “After Dark.” This show brings on experts in all fields of science including ex military, government agencies, NASA employees, and many more to give the listeners the best experience based on documented cases, current affairs in related fields, and histrical discoveries. Here’s the link. I’ve been enjoying this show and newsletter for years and would love to spread my enthusiasm and support for the guys doing what many think is crazy and dangerous.

Fallen Angel

I dont know if there is, but yes it would be great if there was.


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