Home Discussion Forum Do you wear a sports bra when doing yoga?

Do you wear a sports bra when doing yoga?

I am taking my first yoga class this week and I am confused in how to dress. When I work out on my elliptical I usually wear a sports bra and spandex-y types of clothes. Would these work for yoga as well?


  1. Yes except I would suggest bringing a tshirt and shorts to your first yoga session. That way you can wear it over your sports bra and spandex and see what other people are wearing.

  2. Your not really jumping or bouncing around with yoga. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. I wear sweat shorts and a halter, but my breasts are small too. I see no issue with a sports bra.
    Hope you like yoga. It’s not for everyone. (i hate it, but still go because it helps with Gymnastics). Only once have I been in a class with a man in it. Not common.

  3. I would leave off the sports bra (or any kind of bra) for yoga – too restrictive and inhibiting. Wear something that is going to move easily with your body.
    I usually just wear a leotard to yoga class, and nude when I do it at home.


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