Do you want to know a seceret?

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Do you know what I know?
Flouride in your drinking water blocks the pineal gland and keeps people subservient and not questioning so you can be easily controlled? Just something I found in studying ancient practices. Your government and church both know it and continue to let it be done to you so you will not change or question their authority.
Look it up for yourself. If you can still think for yourself. you will find it.
Politics & Government > Civic Participation

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The Brain

no i dont want to know a secret
and i dont go for conspiracy theory nonsense


Gee and here I thought it was added because it tastes good 🙁

Mary Contrary

Here’s another………..90% of YA is bull sheet.

Chaz W

This is not from ancient sources because the ancients did not know what fluorine was, and didn’t even know what the pineal gland was for. It has nothing to do with ‘subservience’ and fluoride does not affect it.
I don’t know were you got this ‘secret’ from, but it is a lie.


How true, it is rated as a Class H-6 poison. The Nazis during WW 2 used it in big doses to keep the Jews who they had working for them subdued and therefore in a manageable state. It is also used as a poison in large doses to kill feral animals where it is called 1080. It is obtained as a by-product from the manufacture of Aluminium. Sadly, we live in pathetic world governed by criminals. It good to see someone else has their eyes open. You may find the sites listed below of some interest, I might add that they have nothing to do with any Religion or Government. If you wish to talk further in relation to any topics of interest just email me. Have a good day.

Private <}:-})

I know this answer. Secret is spelled wrong. <}:-{(


Another secret: conspiracy buffs see what they want to see and concern themselves with phantom problems when they could be spending energy on things that really matter. There are a lot of people in our society who fight authority, they demonstrate, they fight injustice, they don’t trust the government, they are suspicious of the law, and they Drink The Freakin’ Water!! We’re not a society of zombies, why not? The pseudoscience you found may say something, the actions of the population say another. Get your head out of the crap.

Jackie M

Oh..thanks….do you know where I can find Potassium permanganate tablets? I like purple (no offence)


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