Home Discussion Forum Do you use crystals for healing? Do they work for you?

Do you use crystals for healing? Do they work for you?

I like having crystals around the home and I do chakra. My favourite healing crystals are tourmaline, amethyst and adventurine. What are yours and how do they help you?


  1. i just use crystals for asking questions.i only have one and i think its rose quartz but im not sure.its a pendulum.oh actually i have a few more that i bought in whitby but i cant remember the names

  2. okay i dunno abt crystals…but i wear yellow saffire stone in a ring..its for my carrier….and it does help…. i know its no way connected to crystals….or is it??

  3. I have never really heard of healing crystal but it does sound interesting to hear what you believe………Hope you have warm healing in the future!

  4. Crystals are beautiful and pleasant to look at. Some have properties that are useful in electronics.
    They have no healing properties whatsoever.
    If you have discovered any, can I see your Nobel prize? I’ve always wondered what was engraved on them!

  5. A Wiccan friend of mine bought a second hand motorcycle which had very bad vibes associated with it. She put a piece of white quartz on the airbox overnight, and it actually turned grey at the bottom.
    She tried to cleanse it under running water and left it on the window ledge for a full 7 sun / moon cycles and it wouldn’t come clean, so she threw it into a river.
    The bike repairs came along a bit easier, but in the end she sold it to be broken down into parts.
    I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen this crystal turn with my own eyes.
    Love and Light

  6. when i have a headache I find that rubbing a crystal will do absouloutly nothing.
    When I have a stomach ache crystals do nothing.
    They are a waste of time only suitable for the tree huggers.

  7. someone gave me a clear yellow crystal to put by computer to stop the bad energy from getting to me, i have had it by my computer for about 2 years and it is now nearly completly cloudy and i am unable to see through it! cant rememebr what it was called but i am not moving it!!!

  8. Crystals are an amazing gift from the Earth and have been used as healing tools for centuries. My favorite is clear quartz, you can program it to do just about anything. I also enjoy blue kyanite, citrine, and selenite.

  9. i do crystal healing – they are wonderful arent they?!
    i love moonstone at the moment – depends on what i need…
    have you a copy of the crystal bible??

  10. I had a yellow apatite that i lost. I noticed i had lost weight after wearing it for about 2 months. Smokey quartz and untreated citrine always goes down well too. And i got a big chunky bit of rough tiger iron that i love playing with. It got a very calming influence on me. I use amethyst on fresh bruises, it stops them turning all colours of the rainbow.
    I like galena for the weight but on the whole i go for colour.
    My bestest favourites would have to be the italian sulphur (yellow) and some cinnabar in opal i got (red in white).

  11. i have a lot of crystals at home, and have a copy of the crystal bible which i refer to depending on what i need.
    I use quartz a lot and also amethyst which i put under my pillow if i have a problem sleeping
    i love have them around and they calm me down – they work for me!


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