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Do you think your sons are safe in a society where women think sexism against men is justice for women?

Because men oppressed women for hundreds of years?
Example of answers I found disturbing about “if society is sexist against men”:
Answer 1: “For the length of time that men had the advantage and oppressed women, I say we are just getting started.
But not really because I am more of a humanist than a feminist…but you get my point!”
Answer 2: “karma society is doing to men what it did to women for hundreds of years so put on your big girl panties and deal with it”
And they say sexism, I mean feminism, is about equality when it’s clear as crystal the mentality it instills in women is “Payback time”.


  1. Society is also racist against white people.
    The phrase “white pride” can be taken out of context very easily. Phil Anselmo of Pantera used the phrase during a speech at a concert, and was labelled a racist afterwards.
    What he actually said was that people should be proud of who they are, white pride, black pride, brown pride, yellow pride, it’s all the same, and doesn’t have to have negative connotations.

  2. If it wasn’t for pussy, every woman would have a bounty on her head.
    Women wonder why men get annoyed with them, don’t you just love double standards?

  3. You are right.
    I have had to confront a few misandric teachers in defense of my sons, so this is not a mere hypothetical exercise. Mainstream feminist bigotry is certainly currently a robust presence in everyday life.
    I confront it at every opportunity.

  4. That’s exactly one of my reasons why I’m against feminism. It promotes hatred against boys/men. If a girl/woman ever lays a hand on my nephews she will have to answer to me.

  5. Just to be clear: SOME women think that.
    One could also ask if daughters are safe in a society where men think rape is a joke and women are nothing more than depositories for sperm. (And you know that sort of thing has been said here.)
    SOME men think (or at least say) such vile things. Most don’t.
    I like to think… well, I hope, anyway… that most women likewise don’t by into the whole “payback” excuse. I certainly don’t.
    And if the best excuse someone can come up with to justify or excuse the mistreatment of men is a “payback” argument, then we’re pretty close to an ADMISSION that there’s unfairness against men in some areas. Heck, that’s progress!
    Usually the answer is that either men have it easy and there is no unfairness or that there may be some unfairness but the injustices against women far outweigh them. When someone openly says it’s payback for PAST injustice, you are actually starting to get somewhere with them.

  6. Neither your son nor daughter would be safe by creating hostility between sexes.
    No society ever exists where as men & women attack each others. If there is, it would be the last generation.
    No society ever exists where Men OPPRESSES Women. It’s a MYTH!
    Men in the past was Harsh to Women (assume it happened) because their OWN life were harsh, it’s called TOUGH LOVE, & that was the only way to maintain a family during most of our history.

  7. Historically, I believe every group that has ever been discriminated against has recovered then turned right around and discriminated toward others themselves. Everyone is racist, everyone is a bigot, everyone just claims they are not. I was really impressed when a minority member attending college told me Abraham Lincoln was a racist, who knew ??? ( of course he wasn’t, but how super eager, joyful, some are to point a finger. )

  8. No, that is why the childless man-haters are doing everything to damage and break OTHER people’s sons while they are still young and very vulnerable. The government supports this, because it is just like a scared woman, and fears the strength and power of men.
    Those two “wymyn” are delusion adherents of the Cult of Female Supremacy, and they don’t realize that men are strong and powerful, so the more they try to harm men the greater the backlash will be and the more ignominious their humiliating defeat will be.

  9. No, I don’t. I know already that boys and young men will suffer from the enforced quotas, the artificial advancement programmes, the make it easy for girls to get a degree (Women’s Studies Major snuckle) programme, the harassment, domestic and apprehended violence ‘laws’ and so on.
    My son was fortunate that he received an education in one of the few remaining bastions of common sense, a private college (for which he received a scholarship, as did my daughter after him), where boys and girls were treated pretty equally. If there had been any overt discimination, the local parents would probably have hung the teachers.
    The mentality you show in those responses is very much on the mark – today’s feminist push has absolutely nothing to do with equality – it has everything to do with revenge for some imagined slights in the past, over which we men had absolutely no control in any way.
    Feminism, therefore, from its own mouth (despite The Definition) condemns itself as a violent, aggressive, vengeful, petty, arbitrary, and indiscriminate (in meting out violence and savagery) movement.
    Now – just for a laugh – what do you think would happen if men took the same attitude?

  10. Juditha is correct…SOME women think this. And the powerful feminist lobby, AKA, the people that are the engine behind VAWA and other misandristic laws.
    However, it would be nice if the rest of women who claim not to think this way did not sit idly by.
    This shows widespread apathy in women. The next men to suffer gender oppression could be their son…


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