HomeDiscussion ForumDo you think you ever work towards subconscious goals?

Do you think you ever work towards subconscious goals?

What do you suspect is one your mind has in store for you right now?


  1. If you really think about it, we all work toward subconscious goals.
    My mind wants me to go shopping today…….I just KNOW it!!!

  2. Pretty deep question.
    I think we do have subconscious goals, but to understand that fully, we would have to understand what we mean by subconscious.
    Personally, like Carl Jung, I believe that the subconscious is the spark of the divine within us, and that our subconscious guides and directs us through life.
    It, the subconscious, speaks to us through dreams, in symbolic language.
    If we write down dreams, we may begin to see that there is a correlation between what they tell us and what we are doing.
    But to determine that we are working toward subconscious goals, and what those goals are, would take deep dreamwork and journaling, and a great deal of thoughfull study, probably in conjunction with a skilled analyst.
    Now, do I personally work toward subconscious goals? I would say, yes.
    But I would not word it that way, because working toward a goal suggests intentionality, and I don’t think I can consciously control the direction in which my subconscious prompts me.

  3. My subconscious goal is to learn the different ways people need help. So I am going around looking at different questions & thinking of what I can write to help people…My main goal is to build a strong coaching business. One of the first questions I ask people has to do with your question. I give them a questionaire so they can determine what their most important goals are so they will make sure they give the attention they need so they can achieve what they want. I have learned that it is important to allow ourselves time to enjoy ourselves & work towards the subconscious goals intead of being so focus on the conscious ones we aren’t relaxing or having any fun.

  4. Yes.
    Because I think it’s my subconscious goal to not hold grudges. But then I consciously decide “I will not speak to this person because I am angry” … and 5 seconds later, I forget and talk to him/her. Unintentionally.
    My mind wants me to be a nice person, I think.
    Kudos for an interesting question ^-^

  5. Yes I do think that we do since its just there and its energy. We automatically put it into the universe so we are headed there sure. And for me its being a better mom and growing into a more mature person.

  6. Yeah, I think we do. My mind may have something great in store for me, as I’ve been wanting it for a long time. Ultimately, my mind’s goal is probably for us to die knowing we’ve done many great things and helped a lot of people along the way. I’m sure there’s more but I doubt we’d wanna think of it all at once.

  7. Oh – we all worked towards subconscious goals. Then when you get really old you can actually see and understand what you were doing. But when you’re a kid, there’s a lot of unconsciousness about your motives.
    So in lots of religions you’re told to examine your motives – what’s the REAL reason you’re doing something? – your unconscious motivation? It’s quite important.


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