Home Discussion Forum Do you think you can talk yourself out of depression?

Do you think you can talk yourself out of depression?

Using the power of your subconscious mind and recognizing that you might be depressed. Do you think you can be your own support by talking to yourself in a positive way? So in a way you are your own therapist? Do you think this would be beneficial?


  1. Yes, absolutely. The problem ( I find ) is that the world is very much a vicious cycle – people who are depressed usually have a reason to be depressed, and it just gets worse, seems worse, and becomes worse.
    But the problem is ALSO that people who are happy – have a reason to be happy. They usually have everything, so it’s easy to get caught in an upward spiral.
    You can ABSOLUTELY talk yourself out of depression. Try giving thanks for every meal you eat, every time you have a fun day, every time you meet someone great. At the end of the day say – “You know what? Thank you world for another great day of life.. I had SO Much fun, met so many amazing people, and may tomorrow be more enjoyable than today!’

  2. Yeh of coarse you can, and you might feel a little ridiculous for it but if its helping you to over come ur depression, then whose to judge!?

  3. Yes. The power of the mind is everything. Depression is essentially the same thing so why not reverse the situation? Telling yourself positive things should help so long as you say it with conviction and try to beleive it.


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