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Do you think you can make an artificial consciousness, and what would it do?

So if the mind, from my understanding, is a really complicated machine, right? So if its a machine it can be replicated, and upgraded.
So if you can make an artificial consciousness, by using computers, thats even a tiny bit smarter than us,
then that counsciousness would be able to build another counsciousness slightly better than itself,
but because it doesnt have the limits humans have on their brain power, it would be able to do it faster.
the resulting consciousness would do the same thing even faster. It would just keep going and going, forever and ever. Eventually we wouldn’t even be able to understand the resulting consciousnesses because of how smart they are. It would be like creating god 🙂
do you think this is possible? by when do you think humans will be able to write a program smart enough to be conscious? would it even work that way?


  1. No, You cannot create something with a better mind than your own. You are creating it, therefore it would have the limits of your knowledge.

  2. Like creating God? No, I don’t believe it’s possible. The other consciousness you are referring to is the soul and it’s not artificial, it’s real and we already know about it. Can the skills be sharpened, sure. But what you are proposing is not possible. Lay off the SCI-FI channel for a few days and you should be back to normal. LOL.

  3. I think this is a very interesting question and it is excellent that you speculate, without imagination science would not exist.
    I believe it is true that given our own limitations we immediately cannot create a god like entity, however, precisely because of our limitations but thanks to our imagination we can create what we would consider is superior to us, at least in many respects. Computers to give an example are faster (for calculations at least) than us and although it is impossible that we calculate complex mathematical equations as fast as computers, we nevertheless created them!
    Remember that nature took millions of years to ‘create’ creatures as complex as us, but the developments in electronics, etc in the last 50 years have matched those of nature (there are robots that are not as complex not even as a cockroach nevertheless it’s pretty good for 50 years of ‘evolution’ I think!)
    So, if we can create superior entities to us, (let’s wait and see for that) then I don’t see why those entities provided that there are no limitations its creators would impose on them, could become a lot more superior to us.


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