Come on admit it, you are either one or the other.
And if you are what are the attributes you feel you get from it ?

Do you feel Lucky ? And, if you don’t why not ?
What about Joy, people are always saying to me you have so much Joy in you; your infectious.
It’s important in our minds how we perceive ourselves to others because it becomes part of our Auras.

And what about Auras do you know what they are ?


  • I’m a positive person


    most times i’m very lucky,.. i get the same response from people, they always say im very happy, and i always have a smile on my face… even if it’s a bad day, i can cheer everyone up!
    my aura is warm and but bright…your aura is the light or energy you have around you, people who can see that can tell what kind of energy you put off….

  • i am a positive person.
    i feel lucky.
    lucky to get a chance to answer your question.
    how you perceive is important at the same time perceive without pre conceived motive or idea or notion to judge the person
    joy is every where including in you, out side and it comes to you only if feel it and accept it

  • I’m afraid I CANNOT be considered positive nor negative. I lost all emotions in a head injury, brief flat-line during surgery, and 40-day coma. I can’t say my emotions are lessened, they are gone. My life isn’t even boring anymore ’cause that would be an emotion. I have lost all the friends I’d had before the crash. I have watched parents and relatives die and had no reaction. I have since graduated college with no reaction. I am not positive nor negative. No one will believe me, because “that’s not normal.” Fine. Let ’em.

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