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Do you think with our Subconscious minds we can DIRECTLY reach out to someone with our feelings?


  1. In a way. Emotions are an involuntary and unconscious process.
    Naturally within our brains is a system of mirror neurons, which allows empathy to occur. They allow us to feel the emotion that other people are feeling.
    Emotions are communicated through facial expression and pitch of voice. The face and voice are transmitters, our eyes and ears receivers of an invisible network of emotions.
    Feelings are contagious, we exchange them like a disease (negative and positive).
    You can reach out to someone with your feelings by communicating them through verbal and nonverbal behavior, and also mirroring their body language will establish a sense of rapport (this happens naturally and unconsciously).
    I suggest reading Danial Goleman’s “Social Intelligence” if you want to look into the topic further.

  2. Oh man, I don’t know if we can, but I sure wish we could. Then someone I have fallen in love with would know and maybe I would know if the feeling is reciprocated. Hate that little “dance around” feeling before anything is said.

  3. Definitely yes. The subconscious is designed for and very good for this.
    How definitely the other receives our reach out however depends on his/her developmental level in this respect.
    It’s like sending a pictorial text to someone’s GSM set.Only someone with a picture enabled set can receive it as intended.

  4. I wouldnt say with our feelings but I am pretty certain that our brains are capable of communicating. I don’t think they can communicate in any way that is meaningful on a conscious level (ie language) but they seem to be able to communicate in much the same way as our gut feeling works (which is a mechanism for making us aware of information processes that we cannot comprehend consciously).
    This is evident when mothers or twins are accutely aware that something has happened to their child/twin remotely without any means of knowing this. I have witnessed this three times in my life.
    What I think happens is an interaction between brain waves (which have the potential for being noticed from vast distances if you know how to detect them) passes information. Think of it like a radio, my radio can interpret the signals that are directed to it, if somehow signals come from the other side of the world (like when they bounce off things in space) they can be interpreted too even though they did not originate nearby. So our brains may be able to make snap judgements on the source, ie if it is someone our brain is very familiar with or if there are several commonalities between itself and the source.
    Another thing that I see as an example (and this is my own hypothesis) is the “love at first sight” scenario. This happened to me, i knew after looking into my partners eyes for the first time that she was the one for me. The compatability was and is intense and completely outside of what i could expect to be able to gather from surface impressions. I am convinced that in this, and many other cases of the same are brains recognising certain patterns. My work relies enormously on gut instinct so my system is tuned to such interpretations which may help (and explain why some people get it wrong and others get it right). This to me shows a method of communication that is simmilar to what was mentioned above.
    We will know one day but right now we still know nothing about brains.

  5. Hi Rita,Yes i agree, that two minds can be in-tune sometimes. Two people can be very close in mind and read each others thoughts, or a certain sentence can be said at the same time.

  6. No. You need to have an awareness of your state and your intention, which happens on a conscious level. I however believe the extent is emphasized through the unconscious mind.

  7. No. But our subconscious mind may influence HOW we reach out, making the reaching more effective, or less. More significantly, if we examine our subconscious mind, we may understand better what we reaching out to, and why, and so modify the reaching to make it more appropriate and effective. I don’t believe in thought transference – but I do believe we pick up a lot more non-verbal communication than most are aware of.

    All it takes is practices and the belief that you can do it… and it is done… try this… sit or lie in a comfortable place, still and quite your mind, and focus first on a persons face, once you have the “essence” of them… tell them something…
    It might take a while… like 30 days… but you will defiantly have an impact…
    Keep that FREE WILL thing in mind… the boing thwap is a killer.

  9. Unlike, someone said that “emotions are involuntary”, this is false. Emotions: we choose, and we control! The subconscious reaches for other’s subconscious. And feelings communicate to feelings. This to say that the subconscious doesn’t reach with other’s feelings; and mind reach out with feelings.

  10. Yes ,As we go deeper in our being we start to be in harmony.The conscious mind does not allow us from entering into our subconscious when we sleep we start to enter the subconscious.If we are aware at this state we can learn to enter ours and in the due course others because it is same field.The feeling must be intense only then we can reach to others..

  11. Sometimes yes, I do believe that to be true, once I was thinking of a friend I had in my growing up years and she said she, out of the Blue decided to call me up after all this time, and I knew it was my subconscious mind that made her call me up.

  12. Huh huh huh , Rena, do not get hurt, are you going to open a MIND&SOUL therapy clinic? 🙂
    The guys who deals with all these hocus pocus would answer, “YES” loudly (and sure enough would try to help you getting hundres of $)

  13. Yes, one can develop such abilities.One should go deep into their subconscious & should be intense enough to go into others minds.You need to practice but that is not advisable when one is in spiritual progression.This will lead one to their downfall.


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