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Do you think when your soul moves to a higher consciousness you will be in a state of weightlessness?


  1. Your mind is pretty much always weightless.
    If not then L. Ron Hubbard was right, and that would kinda suck because thats some expensive salvation.

  2. No one will be in a state of pure love of God. It has nothing to do with weightlessness or physical feelings or non physical feelings. When one reaches higher consciousness, they never forget God. That is the sypmtom of Higher Consciousness. Thank- May you have the highest consciousness possilbe. Pure love of God (Krishna Prema)

  3. We are generally connected with 3 dimensions with Time as fourth. In Higher Consciousness we leave these dimensions spiritually ( i.e you can experience higher Consciousness But Physical side still remains) .During this meditative Higher Consciousness Stage the feeling will be only of Love and no other dimensions will be felt i.e weightlessness will be experience But as soon as u leave the meditative stage U will get the gravity back 😉


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