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Do you think we are cells of God? Some of us may be white blood cells, some cells of his heart, and some?

cells maybe under the attack of a virus. Some of us may be neurons in his pineal gland?
This is all an analogy. If you don’t believe in God, then think of God as Mother Earth or the center of the universe if you wish.


  1. As a ‘soul’, I am extention of God. Inseperable from Him. So are you. When I look at your avatar, I have a different gland that starts secreting.

  2. Ya know I read something like that one day. If you are a red blood cell, all you know is go to lung and get oxygen, bring oxygen to arm and get carbon dioxide, take carbon dioxide to lung and get more oxygen. All day long. Red blood cells don’t know why they do it nor do they have any idea that they are part of something so much greater than they could imagine. They probably wonder amongst themselves if there is a human, or God so to speak, or not. I don’t think we are so different from a red blood cell in this sense.

  3. God is conscious and aware, and we are his offspring of propagated awareness. Evil is the virus of spiritual life that kills souls and goodness is the antidote to attain immortality.

  4. Very pantheistic thought line. Brava.
    I think there are ever greater collectives, until we reach totality, and only totality justifies a title like God.
    We are cells in the human collective consciousness. The human species is a cell in a collective that comprises life on Earth. The Earth is a part of the collective that is our galaxy, and our galaxy, well…you see where this is going.
    The analogy I like to use about our relationship to totality is more like a relationship between our total selves and the bacteria that live in our digestive tract. Rather than cells that make up our body (like the stars and hydrogen clouds, etc. that make up the body of totality), these bacteria are individual life forms dwelling within us. Now, whether or not an individual bacterium is doing its job helping me digest food, well, I’m not going to notice one way or another, but if enough of them start raising a fuss, trying to kill off some other species of bacteria that we need, the lack of balance is going to throw our whole digestive system off and give us a tummy ache. Yup, if we don’t straighten up and fly right, we’re going to give God a tummy ache, and you don’t want to be around when the pepto hits the fan.


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