Home Discussion Forum Do you think waking up at 4am is too early for meditation?

Do you think waking up at 4am is too early for meditation?

Also, how do you not fall asleep in meditation? Any experienced meditators here?


  1. Not at all. If I lived in a monastery, that would be my wake up time.
    You just don’t. Try to make your asana more exerting. I usually use a kneeling asana so that I can’t relax too much.

  2. No, that is a quiet time of the morning. Get in a position that is harder to fall asleep in, or maybe take a shower and refresh yourself first.

  3. depends on your sleep schedule, i suppose. if i wanted to get up at 4 a.m. to allow extra time for prayer, i would make sure i got to bed at a decent time the night before. and like someone else said, don’t just leap out of bed and start praying/meditating, but take a shower first to wake yourself up a bit. sounds like good advice to me.

  4. If 4 am is going to mess with the amount of sleep your body NEEDS in order to function throughout the day, then yes it is too early.
    There is no need to torture yourself to meditate. Do it when you are well rested so you get the most from it.

  5. 4: AM is called ‘Brahm Muhurt’ which means that prayer/meditation during this time has the greatest rewards.
    Even accomplished Gurus will tell you this.
    If it too early for you, then try some other time.
    The essential thing is the devotion that you feel…that by itself is powerful enough to take you forward.
    Also there is NO HARM in falling asleep during prayer, since, as you may know, the mind ‘continues’ the last though it selpt off on and stays in prayer mode during this time.
    Matter wil adjust themselves subsequently as you progress and keep at it, no matter what!
    I wish you the best, I can relate to this ’cause I went though worse, (including a neighbour’s stupid dachshund who used to bark right around that time.)
    And while I havent grown wings, I feel much better (in millions of ways) now…more at peace.
    Because I loved to do it, I found a way and it has worked for me.

  6. In Hinduism 4 AM is called the Brahma Muhurtam, the appointed hour for meditation. However, if one is up half the night, falling asleep during practice is quite natural.
    In any case during meditation one is trying to reach oneself, who is not going anywhere. So it does not matter. There is always a next time. Let it be.
    Just do it.

  7. ive done the 4am trip as well as a few more
    do what is right for you try everything
    and if you are falling asleep then meditation has not happened yet
    when you fall asleep and know you are a sleep then
    you are

  8. Whenever, wherever you feel comfortable
    Concentrate on one thing and just let everything else fade away from your consciousness
    the video on thte link down below explains more about meditation and talks about sleeping


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