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Do You Think VIRGO AND Pisces Chicks Have a Healing POWER/Aura (Negative Charge Sucker)?

I Remember One Day I Was Kind Of Angry, But I was NOT Showing it To People, So A Pisces Chick Came AND Sat Next To Me , I Felt After an hour Sitting With That Chick, But There Was A Little Kissing BUT The Chick Didnt Know That I Was Angry But I FElt Better, I Think They Have A Healing Aurea/Power
Virgo Chicks They Have The Feminine Down-To-Earth Personality WHICH Heal Us Fire SIGNS Psychologically If We Feel Down/Grumpy
Summary: Pisces Chicks Have HIGH-Level Of Spirituality (Healing Energy), Which Can Heal You By Sitting With Them, Like They SUCK All The Negative Energies From People AND Leave People Happily With a Positive Energy
Virgo: Can Heal You With Their Down-To-EArth Feminine PErsonality Psychologically
Did You Expirence That Fire SIGNS OR Air SIGNS?


  1. um idk. i guess so, i mean i had a pisces boyfriend before and he naturally had that aura about him where he would make everyone feel better, kinda take in emotions of those around him and make u feel better. some people have told me that i kinda make them feel grounded i guess. but only because i give some good advice when people come to me though. and also because virgo is an earth sign, and earth signs are very stable and grounded people so they naturally give off that vibe, but the difference between virgo and all the other earth signs is that virgo is mutable and their sign is centered around service and helping people and not being selfish. so maybe thats why. and even with pisces, it is a mutable sign and they go out of their way to help people and arent selfish either.

  2. I have mercury, venus and mars Virgo. All of my friends come to me with their problems because I always feel the need to help someone or something. I think this is because Virgo’s have a need to ‘fix’ and ‘perfect’ everything. I’m not sure about Pisces though because most of my close friends are air, then earth.. The guys (and girls) that were most drawn to me were Taurus and Capricorn, which is funny because they are supposed to hate Leos. Many guys have told me they love me and that I make everything better, but especially Aries! And Leos..

  3. I find that it depends on more then ones sun sign first off. Second, it depends on their gender. Example, I cannot stand Capricorn and Aries women, they drive me nuts! However I get along wonderfully with Capricorn and Aries men. But that is just me.
    You can also take a look at past lives, I believe that sometimes we come across people from our past that we were connected to and just being around people like that make us feel better.
    Another example, my mom and I are both Libras, we could not be more different. I am all about justice and standing up for what I believe in. She is all about sticking her head in the sand and doing what she is told to do. No matter the cost, she will NOT stand up for what is right if she feels it will get her noticed by anyone.
    Most Virgo’s that I know, I do not have any respect for. I have yet to meet one that is not a junky and crazy as hell. They are not the nicest people to meet. All the pisces I know are men. The 2 Pisces in my life are complete opposites. One is my dad, whom I hate, the other is my boyfriend.
    What’s my sign
    Sun: Libra
    Moon: Scorpio
    Rising: Virgo


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