Home Discussion Forum Do you think trees have emotions or can feel auras?

Do you think trees have emotions or can feel auras?

They were putting this show on tv about a girl that is sensitive to nature and can talk to trees. lol Whenever she talks to trees they would usually tell her about the history that they’ve lived through and everything is pretty accurate. Some russian scientist also studied tress that were traumatize because of a huge massacre that occured there. They say that they have emotions and if you treat them nicely or giving them some soothing music to listen to, they grow happy. lol I know, its soo weird. I just dont know what to think about it all.


  1. Trees, like all plants, do not have brains. Neither do they have nervous systems with which to ‘feel’. The have fibrous channels which carry water and sap to various limbs and they absorb spectra from the sun for photosynthesis. That’s it. It would be fun to imagine that they are great, mysterious, creatures who think and feel and communicate, but it’s just not so. Hope this doesn’t dissappoint you too much.

  2. I know that when you talk to your plants, they grow healthier. This is a scientific fact. But I don’t know about trees.

  3. Yes, I believe that there is a grain of truth in there. Apparently, according to one who can read auras, most trees can even replenish or regenerate auras – which explains why one feels refreshed when one sits beneath a tree.

  4. HAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I agree with you, it’s too weird. People need to stay off the drugs. Next thing they’ll tell you is that human feces has an energy field with feelings and emotions so don’t push too hard and be gentle when you flush or you’ll traumatize it… LOL

  5. before i say anything please dont listen to Farien, even though he thinks he is a know-it-all or something. who knows if it is possible..
    i wud also love to know the name of the girl who u are talkin about, because i feel i may also be attuned to this kind of gift.

  6. Yes, it is true. Plants and trees do have consciousness and emotions. They are living things. If you become in tune with nature, God, and the environment you can learn to communicate with plants and animals.

  7. My mom talked to her plants and played gospel music for them. They grew like wild. When she died, it’s as if they went into shock. There was nothing the rest of us could do. They died one after the other.
    So maybe they do have feelings or at least can sense the tensions around them. Guess that’s why there are tree huggers.


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