Do you think too much faith in science has created a spiritual crisis in the USA?

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…or is it just existential despair?
The power of the scientific authority in the USA has grown into what some call a practice of “scientism,” or an almost blind faith in the scientific method. Capitalists, profiteers, and even politicians are using this to their advantage, most easily manifested by how the pharmaceutical industry and their lobbyists operate. As long as something is stamped with the label “science,” it automatically takes precidence over any other consideration, even over what may be unethical–as evidenced by things like forced flu vaccinations in the state of New Jersey, or the kinds of side effects and false advertising the FDA allows with many prescription drugs (especially psychiatric drugs). Not unconnected to health and well-being, this is a sign of a spiritual crisis in the USA. Don’t confuse what fundamentalist Christians are about with the term “spiritual.” There’s a type of despair, a loss of hope for even what humanity is still capable of. But has it come from too much faith in what the practice of science and logical thinking has done, or is it just existential angst stemming from potential terrorist threats, years of ongoing preoccupation with wars in the Middle East, a less than prosperous economy (that may be the result of too high expectations), etc.?
Only Jesus Saves: I know that science has been responsible for some “good” things, but when it’s being taken in the direction of biological weapons that’s what I’m talking about. Is it the fear of existential issues? Too much faith in the power of science creating a spiritual crisis?
Franklin: Besides being an ass, can you show me where I said scientists are all “rotten” or that there’s no place for the appropriate use of Penicillin?
Reddas: If human beings are supposedly “evolving” (inappropriate use of the term) out of the dark ages, why is there an ever-growing amount of despair?
WellTraveledProg: I made no condemnation of science. I said it has turned into scientism for many people. Right now, the actual practice of and blind faith in all that the scientific method can “prove” as a form of religion to “rational thinkers” is like a type of despair. You see just as much evil coming from scientific thinking as good. If science was all that mattered this would not be the case. There is a spiritual crisis occurring, but if you’re a scientist to the point of being an atheist you won’t likely feel it.
WellTraveledProg: Spirituality IS a part of critical thinking. The human being who wants to cut this part out of the human psyche just doesn’t want to think with his or her whole brain.

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I think that the masses blindly swallowing what those in authority tell them has been an ongoing problem throughout civilization.

Only Jesus Saves

Science has brought about many good things. I believe there has to be a tie between what the Bible says and what science has found to be fact (not conjecture, not theory, just fact). When/if God is ready to disclose this tie, He will remove the scales from our eyes. There are many other things He has yet to reveal, such as the location of Noah’s Ark, the Arc of the Covenant, etc. Remember that “A thousand years are but as yesterday with God.” (Ps. 90:4.) Time is relative.


LOL. Yeah. Next time you get sick, pray and avoid the doctor (because he/she is simply a dirty rotten scientist). See how that works out for you.
Penicillin over praying. Every time.

Mrs. BonBon

I think the spiritual crisis is partly to blame on lack of evidence – and the fact some believe that if god does exist he seems to turn a deaf ear to his people


So are you saying? The USA is finally abandoning superstitious for scientific facts? You should be glad that humans are evolving out of the dark ages.


I see what you’re saying, and I suppose I agree. But this way of thinking can be applied to many things, including religion. These days people are told what to do and believe all the time and they go along with it without question. America is no longer a free-thinking country if all it takes to influence the public is a few empty promises from a flashy logo or a charismatic leader. Science, religion, and politics are all to blame here. People would rather be told what to think rather than to think for themselves. Spiritual crisis? Maybe not, but without a doubt we’re seeing the fall of the individual mind.

Funny Liberal lol.

I think you’re right about much of that! Even though I do believe in science I think we take it too far sometimes and we let dangerous speculation that we think is in line with logic take precedence over actual real world results. Thumbs up, fella! You’re using your noodle!


Nobody with half a brain has “faith” or belief in science. Only ignorant people sometimes do, and they’re the same kind of people that have blind “faith” or belief in magical gods for which there is no evidence.
The scientific method has shown by experience to be a reliable way of finding out facts about the universe. It works.
As for your “despair” — I don’t see that, other than as the result of the current economic conditions. I certainly don’t see that as any response to the progress of scientific knowledge.
Rational people also don’t take anything labeled “science” and assume it’s correct — in fact, rational people don’t assume anything. They go by evidence. A lot of the problems you’re going on about can be traced directly to their root cause — ignorance. Ignorant people, without knowledge or training in critical thinking skills, have no choice but to have “faith” in something — because they don’t have the knowledge or skills to evaluate the evidence. The answer to many such problems is more/better education, not a condemnation of “science.”

Atheist Friend

I do not have faith in science. I do not have faith in anything because faith is irrational. Conspiracy theories are also usually pretty irrational.


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