Home Discussion Forum Do you think this is a sound Michael Jackson murder conspiricy theory?

Do you think this is a sound Michael Jackson murder conspiricy theory?

I love Michael and I just want to let all you mj fans know what I think is going on. I think Michael was killed and I think the fans should Boycott michael’s music untill the estate is turned over to Katherine Jackson, because untill then all the money being made is essentially going to the people who may have killed him. be vocal, and spread the word. make sure to be clear why you’re doing it, because we wouldn’t want people to think michael’s fans were boycotting michael so make sure to blog about this and tell whoever you can. here’s what I think happened.
I believe Frank Dileo (manager) and John Branca (lawyer) Hired Dr. Murray to give Michael Jackson an overdose and kill him in order to gain controll of Michael’s estate and Publishing including Michael’s songs, and The Beatles catalog which John Branca helped Michael Jackson purchase.
Here’s why I believe what I do.
Quote from Dileo in 1988 after being fired by Michael Jackson
“I have a strong belief in what comes around goes around. It’s called Karma, and I hope Michael understands what that means. If he doesn’t now, one day he will.”
I also think it was Dileo who manipulated Michael into feeling he needed Doctor murray around. the bit about Michael telling the AEG guy about his body being like a machine sounds like a line Dileo probably used in convincing Michael he should have this doctor around.
here’s another Quote from Dileo-
“You can’t just ask Michael straight out to do something,” “Michael needs to be stroked. His ego needs to be massaged thoroughly before he’ll do anything.”
John Branca tried to convince Michael Jackson to share equity in his publishing in 1990. Michael fired him shortly aftarward, but mysteriously, he pops up apparently hired back a week before Michael Jackson died, and shows up two days after his death with a will naming him as an executor of the estate which now puts him in controll of not only Michael’s publishing, but the beatles catalog Branca helped Michael purchase. oh yeah, I can tell you who had a copy of the Pepsi fire and probably relesed it to US weekly…Branca’s people swiped the tape in the midst of the confusion in 1984 when it happened. They’re promoting the death of Michael Jackson in order to sell records. it’s sick. the fans are basically giving money to the people that killed their idol. But also, I believe it goes back even further than that with Frank Dileo. Dileo is the guy who sold the Tabloids crazy stories about Michael Jackson in the eighties, like the Hyperbaric chamber story, and stories about him comunicating with Bubbles the chimp in chimp language, and stories about a shrine to Elizabeth Taylor and that heasked Elizabeth taylor to marry him. It was Dileo who originally crafted this Idea in the press that Michael was some kind of freak. I think after he was fired he had a grudge against Michael and kept an eye on what was going on in Michael’s life looking for either a way back into his circle, or a way to get revenge. I think he waited for Michael to piss off other people, like say, former employees and even say the father of the boy from 1993 I think he masterminded the whole pedephelia thing. The guy had the inventiveness. This is a guy who wanted to be a politician at one time, surely he would be capable of creating a kind of smear campaign against Michael Jackson. Here’s an exerpt of a recorded conversation between the father of the 1993 boy’s father, and stepfather. This is the father speaking. This can be found inn a book called Redemption, by Geraldine Hughes- “I’m prepared to move against Michael Jackson. It’s allready set. There are people involved that are waiting for my phone call that are in certain positions. I’ve paid them to do it. Everything’s going according to a certain plan that isn’t just mine. Once I make that phone call, this guy is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it. And I’ve given him full authority to do that.” Whoever this person is that the father is referring to probably had proximity to Michael Jackson, and the ability to controll people in Michael Jackson’s world. If Frank Dileo was responsible, it would explain why so many former employees gave interviews saying they saw michael jackson do things with children.
also I think fans who want Michael to be burried at neverland should protest at neverland. The neighbors there are protesting him being burried there and I think it’s bull. in my opinion michael left neverland to make the public happy. WE as a society took that happiness away from him I think it’s only right that it be given back now. and did you hear they want to turn it into condos? That’s insane Neverland should stand forever as a monument of what Michael Jackson truely stood for.
if anyone wants to e-mail me about michael please do so. rose_clarity@yahoo.com


  1. u takin the piss man….wtf? do u relly expect ppul to read all that …. i was knocked of by the time i got to the second line…lol
    its obvious he got murdered (to me anyway)
    with all differant bulshit stories coming out at the same time…
    its princess diana all over agian….

  2. whew, quite long but i survived, wow this seems pretty good, somewhat solid (somewhat only because i’ve never heard of dileo or heard any of the statements he made) but whatever the story comes to be i still say MJ was murdered.
    i just saw his chef on Larry King and she said that she normally sees doctor murray around 10:00 – 10:30am when he comes downstairs to get MJ’s breakfast but didn’t see him until 12:00 or 12:15pm that afternoon. I think he killed Michael that morning (when he didn’t come downstairs), they say it took 30 minutes to FIND a phone to call 911 (who the f*ck doesn’t carry a cell phone, especially doctors? murray was getting rid of evidence), when he FINALLY came downstairs to call security, that’s when the chef saw him and told her to get prince, the eldest son (why? prince didn’t even go upstairs).
    i don’t know why people are protesting @ Neverland wanting Michael to be buried there, they should respect the families wishes, Neverland is probably too far out for them to visit his grave when they want to. that’s like if i was a famous celebrity and fans protesting that i be buried @ my house when my family would most likely want me buried in georgia (where my mom’s side of the family lives).
    sorry but it’s kinda already too late for me to boycott Michael’s music and stuff because my uncle JUST bought me an MJ shirt last friday and my mom JUST bought me his Thriller and Invincible cd’s like monday or tuesday and i gotta say i love’em ^_^ but i guess i could stop buying anything else MJ but it sure is gonna be hard =[


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