Do you think there's such thing as half-awoken psychic powers?

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I always get this wave of data in my mind of what people are thinking about me or what they’re going to do (that is harmful or bad)
Is there such a thing as half-awoken psychic powers? Because it doesn’t happen all the time or whenever I want it to happen. It’s random, so am I partially psychic?

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The answer comes from your third husband.

The Real Shaz 2

Ask a sleepwalking fortune teller

Bubbha Jo

Everyone has some psychic capabilities. It’s like those with musical talents – some are superb, some not so. Yours are more enhanced and will most likely grow as you do.

Leeward side

for starters, its awakened, Awoken is not a real word. and yes, its possible to not realize you have psychic powers. I suspect, though, that those thoughts are just your imagination.


Yes there is such a thing. The Bible says to squelch it.


First i don’t call it “psychic” sounds too cheesy. I call them gifts and YES they are very real. I myself am very sensitive to what others are feeling, even when they do not say how they are feeling. I’ve come to learn this is called being an empath, or from the word empath having alot of empathy…. in other words peoples negative or positive energies that they have affect me.

Sean B

I would think being half-psychic is like digging half a hole or making half of a sound. There are people, (and I’m one of them) who are very sensing and intuitive, almost to the level of what would be considered psychic. There is a site at which you can take a free personality test and it’s very accurate. People basically fall into 1 of a variety of personality types. Go to and take the “Jung Typology Test.” It’s free and only takes a few minutes. You will get a personality formula and a couple of summaries giving you insight into who you are. It was developed by a couple of world renowned psychologists. Some of the most intuitive and sensing are those who test as an “INFJ,” which is my formula. It is also the rarest of personalities in that only about 1% of the population is that type. But I’m like you in that I “get this feeling” about people and it is ALWAYS right.

Nurop shnup

Psychic powers are not real.
Anyone claiming to have them are ripping people off.


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