do you think theres a link between DXM and telepathy?

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Do you think theres a link between DXM and telepathy?
dxm a drug in cough medicines
me and my best friend get together and do high doses of dxm
and when we are high i swears to god i can hear her voice talking in my head and she swears she hears me and ill have vision that comes true a week later
i know it sounds absolutely crazy

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Don’t be so stupid.
You’re as high as a kite, if you start seeing unicorns do you believe they are real too?


Cute question. Never take your drugs too seriously. 😉
But hey, it sounds like fun being able to talk to each other without moving your mouths.


Maybe you whisper to each other with your lower lips.

Niles Standish

its called robo tripping sweetie, and if you want to trip take real hallucinogens


yes. i become really clairvoyant on dxm.


Its called traveing clairvoyance and its caused by your body being in an over relaxed state mixed with the effects of dxm and causes a sort of out of body experience and is some what linked to the same effects of being in a coma


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