Do you think there is an invisible field around the earth which causes entrapment of our astral bodies ?

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This field is also known as “the net”, which is believed to be placed by some ET races to trap our astral bodies going towards the source, and we are led back to reincarnate again and the cycle goes on. The agenda behind is that these entities feed on our emotions which we show throughout our life.
Peggy kane

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Probably not.


do you think that you should not believe everything you read on the internet?
Actually yes (not sure what you mean by astral bodies) but if you mean satellites then it is gravity


I do however firmly believe that we are more than just atoms and that our consciousness (self awareness) survives the death of our physical bodies.
Some people believe that reincarnation has been proven through regression hypnosis. I’ve never been regressed, but if I were I’m pretty sure that I would not report that I’ve been here before. I’m not saying that other beings haven’t experienced this reality before I just don’t think I have. Heck, this place sucks and there is no way I would want to do this twice, LOL! People dismiss the possibility that we are “Spirit” because of concepts like reincarnation that tend to contradict linear time. Even Einstein said that time is relative – – it is a perception and like most perceptions it is unique to the person experiencing it. In other words, another being could have experienced being human multiple time even though this is just my first time.
To answer your question, I think a lot of people are going to be “spiritually shocked” when their bodies die and they discover that even though they can no longer animate their carcass, they can still think, reason, and feel emotion. All of their memories from this life will be intact. At which point, the only “friend” they will have is their own mind because that will be the only consciousness they will know how to communicate with. If they sought the truth on this plane their mind may be kind and help them through the transistion by showing them the endless possibilities eternal consciousness has to offer. If not they are going to be plunged into a frightenening chaos when they discover that they continue to exist without a body and they aren’t going to be greeted by Angels, God or Satan.
Good luck!


Well the mass of the earth causes gravity, which in turn creates an atmosphere. Anything deeper than that is most likely just heresy.


hmm i would like to think that there isnt
so no


Well, the earth has many invisible energy fields and grids around it including but not limited to a magnetic field, so I could see how this could be probable being that when we die all that’s left of us is energy. Although it seems far-fetch I wouldn’t readily dismiss it because there is still much about this world that is left unknown. People always think they have everything figured out, and then the future comes. I have heard that the “anunnaki” or “reptilians” are harvesting us as an energy source and feed off our negative energy, but as for a field that traps our souls, I do not know of such. These beings are said to be the elite that rule the human elite and integrate into our social structure via holographic shapeshifting. They are said to have come here many millions of years ago chasing another race of extraterrestrials which we evolved from. They come from the Alpha Draconis star system, which is why many political practices and behavior is referred to in the media as “draconian”. As you know they love to hide the truth in plain sight. According to Alex Collier, an E.T. contractee, there is a field of energy around the earth that our souls go to when we die, and when we are ready enters a fetus at X weeks. But according to him it’s supposed to be that way. I’m certain we are controlled by an elite that is innately bad; I’m sure reincarnation is real, (our consciousness is merely energy that can only be manifested in the 3rd density by a medium, in this case the brain). That energy has to go somewhere. I’m just unsure as to where. The 3rd dimension again? The 4th? The astral? anything else lacks enough evidence for me at the moment.


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