Home Discussion Forum Do you think there are different levels to sub - consciousness?

Do you think there are different levels to sub – consciousness?

For example, as i type this, i literally spell each word out out in my mind. In the mean time, a deeper part of my mind focuses on whether anyone will understand what im trying to get across and in the meantime, there’s always the sub-concious parts of our mind that we cant necesarilly communicate with ourselves, but it exists. What im trying to get across is that, i believe there are atleast three different levels of thinking. Do you agree?


  1. yes i agree. i also must see what is written for me to remember it because my sub-conscious is always thinking about other thing so i have to force my mind to remember by sight not hearing.

  2. I would agree with you that may be different level of sub consciousness . I looked at it a different way , for example a small lie ( eg ; Stole a chocolate from my wife little stash ; ) will not exacerbate on your power of concentration as much for instance if you had lied about cheating on your partner. Never the less a lie is a lie no matter how big it is .But the idea here is the very clear that there is different level on subconsciousness .

  3. Our subconscious is the gateway to eternal life so I would propose that it can be used for much more important tasks then those contained in your question. The great gift of our wonderful God to each of his children is a consciousness that is the basis of all thought. Each of us is also given the gift of will which places within each of us the ability to direct this consciousness in any manner we choose. Hopefully, these gifts are used to fulfill our full potential for developing, experiencing and providing love, joy, peace, kindness and wisdom as our contribution to the human experience. In this manner the plan of our God is fulfilled, that each of us will choose to love each other as God has loved us return to God as a being prepared for full reunion with God.

  4. I don’t think God has anything to do with my sub consciousness but I do agree that there are several levels of sub consciousness, like my “dream” sub consciousness (when I am dreaming). I have no control over what my mind is thinking and reacting too when I am asleep but my sub conscious does, in some way. I may not completely understand why but I feel confident in saying it has nothing to do with having God in my sub conscious.


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