Home Discussion Forum Do you think there actually is mental telepathy?

Do you think there actually is mental telepathy?

Is there real scientific proof of it?
I concentrated on it, and knew how many of you would respond, and what you would say.


  1. There is no real scientific proof of mental telepathy. Although there have been claims of it, there are no logical scientific explainations of mental telepathy. Although I do believe it exists. We haven’t found it yet.

  2. Yes, there certainly is.
    There are many occasions being studied by scientists.
    It’s a fact, but I don’t think explanation of any scientific nature would be satisfactory. Telepathy is something we sometimes can experience and ignore or acknowledge. It just is. You will only fully understand when you have this experience yourself.

  3. As opposed to the non-mental kind?
    Just kidding, I certainly believe that some people have such a high level of awareness that they can read people like books. This skill can often be found with good psycho-analysts, police detectives and some of the better poker players!
    As for actual “mind reading” — I’m undecided. Here’s some information from Wiki regarding the scientific side of telepathy.

  4. There is no proof. It’s just belief and people have claimed to be able to do it.
    i STRONGLY believe in it. My dad’s friend once made a coaster float in the air.

  5. Yes, but the USA Gov. will not tell anyone about it’s proof.
    If you want to know more, then check out .
    Sites about Remote Viewing, Remote Influence.
    Star Gate, several other programs were run through the CIA.
    That’s all I will tell you.
    Look for your self.

  6. The Army has pumped a lot of money in this so there are a few things that are well, can, well i can’t say but it’s looked into a lot to explain things that are not easy to explain, such as dreams or why we do the things we do or how a single person will react to a single event vs. how masses react to a single event. There are some things that are true and some things that are just not developed yet. We only use 3% of our brain, so the potential is there, especially when our mind is still more sophisticated than all the computers put together….

  7. No…Probably not possible
    Telekinesis the ability to move objects without contact or other physical means.
    Perhaps through a spiritual medium.
    “Perhaps in fifty years we will be using psychokinesis to open our garage doors or change channels on our TVs.” –Dean Radin


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