Home Discussion Forum Do you think the whole ASTROLOGY thing has some truth to it?

Do you think the whole ASTROLOGY thing has some truth to it?

I just recently started ready all about astrology and the different zodiac signs. I do see similarities in the people I am closest to and their zodiac signs, but I think we ALL have traits from each zodiac sign, What people (well, the astrology believers) don’t realize is that we are ALL very similiar and ALL have the same traits to some extent. Can anyone give their opinions…thanks a bunch
BTW I’m a cap sun , aries moon


  1. Yes I love love love it!
    When is your birthday?
    Cinn =)
    I have a book that is specifically for each birthday it has some very accurate portions to it.

  2. i don’t know if it has truth in it but i have to say some things are SCARILY accurate. for me anyway. but i agree with you. we are all made up of the same things

  3. 1) Do you think the whole ASTROLOGY thing has some truth to it?
    Not one iota. Astrology was invalidated with the invention of the telescope.
    2) I do see similarities in the people I am closest to and their zodiac signs
    Because the traits assigned by astrologers to people’s “sun signs” are so vague that they can be easily – *easily* – seen within anyone.
    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com/

  4. yeah it’s all garbage, you nailed it, they make horoscopes intentionally vague so something that pertains to just about everyone will appeal to the reader

  5. Well, it’s true that the time of year you were born has an effect on your disposition. Lets say you were born mid-April, you will actually be more rash and and energetic then someone born mid-January…

  6. YOU BET!!! Without astrology the 3 Kings from the East story in the Bible wouldn’t be there!
    You may want to study the effects of astrology and the birth of God the Son Jesus Christ in my report here…
    Sorry I posted the wrong study!
    The 3 or so many Eastern Astrologers or what have you that came to pay homage to the Baby God Jesus Christ were practicing a “sin” that the Bible writers made it punishable by death when caught! But since these Wise Men were looking for Jesus in the stars, it is OK. Anybody can break the rules in a Holy cause! These Magic Kings were a bunch of morons! They came all the way from a distant land directly to the Royal Palace of King Herod the Roman client king of the Jews to ask him candidly, “where is the newborn king of the Jews?” knowing that King Herod was not the real king of the Jews. There was also an “ANGELICAL” gang announcing the birth of Jesus Christ THE king of the Jews, but when caught Jesus Christ denied any kingship of the Jews to Pontius Pilate.
    Luke 2:10-11 (NIV) But the angel said to them, “DO NOT BE AFRAID* (*except for ALL THE JEWISH CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS OF AGE that will be slaughtered without mercy!). I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people* (*except for all the Jewish mothers of the children that will be slaughtered! PRAISE THE LORD! That sure beats Hitler! Like in any Heathen Mythology, after enjoying a divine copulation with the Blessed Virgin Mary, God the Holy Ghost, aka “The COMFORTER” was still recovering and couldn’t comfort the grieving Jewish mothers that had their children slaughtered when Jesus was born —Mat 2:16-18!). Today in the town of David a* (*one of them) SAVIOR has been born to you* (*to the Jews); he is Christ the Lord* (*anybody dying before his Crucifixion goes to Hell, except for the PROSTITUTES and tax collectors Mat 21:31!).
    The Gospel writers say that God in Heaven had to protect the Baby God Jesus Christ, but not any other Jewish boy up to 2 years of age. The angel told the Jews, “DON’T TO BE AFRAID,” but it turned out to be a very sadistic joke on them. Today, only Catholic Christians celebrate December 28th as the day of the “INNOCENT SAINTS.” In most Catholic countries it is a popular holiday!
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    But when King Herod is exterminating all the baby boys in Judea it is OK to flee for cover to the friendly Land of Egypt! The Bible writers make the rules as they play the game! The preachers know how to dress up the whole Christmas story to make it look good anyway. BTW there is no reliable 3rd party source verifying any of these stories. The massacre of the innocent children follows the same pattern whenever a major event takes place in the primitive Bible stories innocent children are expected to be killed, all the time! So it will be when Jesus Christ returns to Earth! JESUS WILL KILL ALL THE INNOCENT CHILDREN IN THE WRONG CHURCH! (Rev 2:23). It sounds gory, but it is a typical Bible story!

  7. No, it does not because it cannot – and the proof is in Newton’s gravitational equation. When you walk in or out of your house, the change you experience in gravitational for is greater than anything the moon or another planet ever has on you.


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