Do you think the subconscious gets bored like the conscious mind?

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If so, do you think that explains economic downturns and other negative shifts in public mood contrary to the conscious desires of individuals? Do we (our subconscious minds) just want to shake things up a bit?

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Ahh, subconsciousness. Never know what it’s thinking… After all, it IS subconscious.


This is quite an interesting question.
I think that it maybe does… people are meant to be able to enter the subconscious mind when in deep relaxation, so maybe those people would know better.
Maybe its subconscious to help the conscious mind overcome being bored… because when you are bored you start thinking about things that are either totally random or things that you wouldnt on a day-to-day basis…


I think everyones is dramatically different, because no one learns the same way, because no one has the same way of growing up. So, maybe.

Eli R

I would say yes. According to Freud, the ID is completely unconcious. This part of us contantly wants to release agression, have sex, eat, and generally do whatever is fun or destructive (death instinct). Is that the same thing as boredom?


I am never bored, my mind is entertaining and I am the shit.

Nick Walters

Interesting question, unfortunately, the boredom state is one of conscious experience. Just put it this way, if so happens that you were unconsciously bored, you couldn’t consciously be aware of it! Perhaps you meant to ask about individual desires which would have been answered respectively. In a nutshell, while a group of individuals share common basic interests, each individual maintains their own personal desires which of course lead to conflicts of interests. So try to paraphrase, refocus your question, you’ll get a more precise ‘yahoo answer’


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