Do you think The Smurfs were a subliminal message about Communism?

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They used no money, they all wore the same clothing. Gargamel wanted to turn Smurfs into gold by boiling them. Was he the embodiment of Capitalism? PLEASE READ THE LINK PROVIDED BEFORE ANSWERING.

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No,its just a cartoon what do you expect from it.

shannon d

wow you have got me thinking..the first person to make me do that today.LOL! The smurfs isolated theirselves from the rest of the world also- a point I dont think was made in that article. anyway thanks for this interesting concept.


This is like the whole Dark Side of the Moon – Wizard of Oz thing. It is a cool idea. I think it isn’t a Smurf conspiracy as much as the Smurfs are all about cooperation, peace and caring for one’s neighbor, comradery, solidarity. And Gargamel is an evil being, very Capitalist in his ways, always attacking the Smurfs with negativity etc. trying to steal thier shit. Which is what real Communism is. Communism failed because in order to have it the world must go along. Russia was under attack by three different armies, had international sanctions imposed on it. Who knows what would have happen in the German Revolution did not fail. We certainly would have had a better planet now. So, read some books – Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed would blow your mind!
OK later- la la la la la la la la la la la… la la lal ala la la la la la la (smurfs theme song).

♪♫ wiseacre♫♪

enlightenment has a point. I was thinking of the Wizard of Oz and the Dark Side of the Moon as I read wikipedia….hmmmmmm


According to the article it says “According to various observers” That means that this is just what people have observed, it doesn’t say that it is a hard cold fact.
These observers are people that have nothing else to do but to read way way to deep into things.
It was a Child’s cartoon for crying out loud.



Know Danny

theres a smurf app.


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