Do you think the Occult can linger in a house?






My husband and I found an amazing deal on a foreclosed house. Come to find out the man that lived there was big into the occult and sacrificing stuff. This guy just packed up his stuff in the middle of the night and left and hasn’t been heard from since. I don’t have a good feeling about buying this house, even though it is the deal of a lifetime. Am I being silly?


  1. Don’t buy it. There’s nothing wrong with the house at all and places don’t have memories, but you have it in your mind that there is something tainted about the place. So in the future if anything at all goes wrong you are just going to blame it on the imaginary “occult presence”.
    P.S. The animal sacrifice thing sounds like pure fiction.

  2. I believe any kind of energy can linger, positive or negative.
    First, decide if you love the house so much that you can live there knowing what has happened there. Then, make sure all of this guy’s occult “stuff” is gone from the premises (including in the yard – do you think he buried things? You’d also hate to have a pet or a child find any of it.). Then have the house blessed by a pastor/priest, depending on what you believe. Some people believe burning sage around the house and the grounds gets rid of negative energy. Pray about the decision and then more specifically if you decide to stay.
    I always think about The Amityville Horror. That is supposed to be a true story, but then again the house had the gateway to hell in the basement, right? Just kidding. ( :
    Good luck!

  3. occult is just the study of the unknown he was probaly a wiccan and what you heard is a whole lot of bullshit although he might of been of a religion that DID actully sacrifice animals and shit if you have a bad feeling about buying the house dont buy it but nothings gonna jump out and grab you if you do allthough you might have some very very bad dreams

  4. YES!!! Have the house checked by a good psychic before you move in. I just visited a home this week that was built on an old Indian battle field. Two tribes faced off over some thing there over 200 years ago. The place has a lot bad energy even to this day. Everyone living in the area has had bad things happen to their family. People die in accidents, divorces, hauntings, health problems. Children report seeing monsters inside and outside their homes. Drums and chanting are reported being heard in the woods. This is mostly a farm area with hundreds of feet between homes. There are a lot of half finished buildings just left abandoned in the area. People have just walked away from building homes. We are trying to clean spirits from the home but there are so many there we may never get them all out.

  5. Buy the house but have it blessed by your religious priest, also do a good search for amulets, pentagrams, buried animals or any other magical thing that may suggest that the place has a curse on it.

  6. Yes,you certainly are being silly.Don’t buy the house anyway,unless you can change your mind.The occult is superstitious nonsense.The only danger is in your own mind.If you can’t believe that you will never be happy.

  7. Krissyis,
    It’s a tough question and I don’t know the answer, but please, will you let us all know what you decide?
    Personally, I now always think about resale value when we buy a home because my husband’s been transferred twice. Our first home was out in the country, and I found I worried–for naught, but still I worried for 15 years about its resale value.

  8. I would be very skeptical about your source. Was this a neighbor who told you this? Because if it was think of the possibility that this person wants this good deal for themselves or someone they know. I guess I am a little suspicious of human nature but something to consider.

  9. Listen to John S. and cactus……I don’t have much more to add…except that it’s NOT a “good deal” if this stuff has really happened there and if you can’t get rid of it. You’ll always have the memory of it. I wouldn’t want to raise my family in a place with those memories..even if they weren’t MY memories.
    It might have been better if you hadn’t even known about these things (if nothing is there).But, if there IS something bad probably wouldn’t be able to sell it..Or, you’d feel guilty about selling it to someone with this history ..whether you tell them about it or not.
    Edit..ditto what 333 and Mr. P. said!!!

  10. Try and never buy a house thats had anything dark practiced in it, it creates alot of bad energy….you wont be living in a blissful house thats for sure…
    Why is animal sacraficing purely fiction, its very common, and has been practiced since the beginning of time, some of us go around saving these poor animals, but alot of dark people practice this…you have your eyes closed to alot of reality….dark reality

  11. I advise you have it checked over by a medium.
    It is possible to leave doors open.
    I will tell you a story of a new office building.
    This was built for a company as a relocation package. All moved in ok, but within a short time, things started failing, employees took more time off, got angry easier, and some got fired. There was one room wher pictures would not stay up – they always fell off.
    A medium visited the place, and found a ‘door’ was open there – this could not be closed as it was a place for spirits to enter and depart. This was thought to be an established ancient site. The company relocated, all became well again, and I think they took the building apart to move it.
    Some things cannot be undone.

  12. It depends on your personal beliefs ultimately. If you don’t have a good feeling about it, it will probably linger in your subconscious and you’ll end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy… If nothing else, go to a “clergy” member of your particular faith and ask them about it.
    I will tell you though that when I was younger my mother moved me into a house with a room in the basement that was…erm, odd. It was raised over a drain in the floor from a stained-red sink basin. All the lights were taped over in duct-tape with shapes cut out so that when you turned the lights on, inverted crosses shined on the walls. There were a number of other things, but we’ll stick with those for now. I was busy with school and friends and whatnot at the time and didn’t discover the room until much later. In the time before I knew it was there, doors would open and close at random, kitchen implements and other small things went missing and turned up month later in inexplicable places (We once lost our ladle and 3 months later found it in the dryer halfway through a load of laundry), and guests complained of hearing voices.
    Take that where you will, or call me a nutjob. I’d follow your instincts though, or at best you’d just never get a good night’s sleep.

  13. Residual haunting can happen. If you are in some sort of religion and it would make you feel more comfortable, have a spiritual leader to bless the house and/or a medium may be able to help find what is actually happening in the house.
    Most of the time, it can be as simple as talking to the entities and telling them they are not welcome. Smudging a house may help also. Get a couple of white sage smudge sticks, keep them smoking while using a fireproof container. Allow the smoke to enter every corner and every nook and cranny. Start at the farthest room upstairs and work your way down to the front door. Go through all of the rooms with the smudge.
    Upon finishing smudging the entire house, open the front door, tell any spirits or entities they can not reside in the house anymore, smudge the front door. That’s it.
    Rose quartz over every door and window also helps to bring peace and harmony to the home.

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