Home Discussion Forum Do you think the magic is real on the show charmed?

Do you think the magic is real on the show charmed?

how do you think of that? i think its all real you know? and the book of shadows and stuff i think people like that have powers
i no but im mean like do you think the creator ( constance m. burge ) got the idea of alll the fictional info on that show by her experiences or something like that?


  1. No. It’s special effect. Real magic is nothing like that. It’s not about “special powers” or defying the laws of physics.
    It’s about self-empowerment and change.

  2. I do not know if “magic” is completely impossible since sometimes things happen that can not be explained, but on the actual show, those are actors with special effects, not real accounts of magic.

  3. Whehter the creator is Wiccan or into the occult or not most of what’s on that show is FICTION. 90% or more.
    I rarely watched it but form what little I’ve seen or read there are a few snippets of occult lore mixed in with stuff taken from other fantasy writers without crediting them!

  4. Beats me. Stan Lee used to get praised up and down when he wrote Dr. Strange for Marvel Comics. The truth was he made it all up , the names, the spells, the words for the incantations. Who is to really say that he did not get the inspiration from elsewhere though.:)

  5. No. The powers and such that they had on Charmed is the product of Hollywood Special Effects, and computer generation. People cannot orb, move things with their minds, freeze time or blow things up with the wave of the hand. There are those, however with the ability to forsee events (premonitions).
    The reason the creators made the girls have “Powers” was to give the show something to keep the watcher watching. If they showed witches practicing the way they normally do…people would get bored. There are no flashes of light, nor plumes of smoke when one performs a spell. And it would be more appropriate to call the sisters Witches than Wiccan since they showed nothing of the Wiccan practice other than the Rede “An’ it harm none, do as thou wilt”. If you watched, they did plenty of harm, dispite protecting the innocent. They didn’t do much in ways or religious practice. The show is the product of imagination with some minor experience in Witchcraft. Nothing more, nothing less. No visual powers.

  6. The magic on Charmed is not real. A Book of Shadows is real, but it does not ‘grow’ like theirs does, except by the help of the witch practicing and actually writing down the incantation or drawing what she saw. I am quite sure that the creator took bits of things she knew and then the writers made the show something ‘bigger’ that would draw in the audiences. Three is a powerful force – especially in sisters – but that doesn’t give them the power to ‘blow up’ demons, or even hunt them. Some of what they show is accurate. Most of it is not.

  7. No, it’s not.
    Charmed portrays Witchcraft as an innate power you have to be born with. It’s not– it’s a study, it’s a discipline, it requires practice and effort, but anyone can practice Witchcraft.
    Charmed portrays Witchcraft as instant gratification– say a few words, wave a sacred object, poof! Things happen. Real magic though the ages has always been subtle, part of nature. Magic requires mental discipline, not snazzy rhymes.
    Witches do generally keep what they call a book of shadows; but it’s something they create for themselves, or their coven’s create. It’s not a neatly illustrated book with recipes for magical success. It’s more of a journal, where you record your studies, thoughts, and practices.
    I think the creator set out to write about the stereotypical “magical” fantasy Witches, living in a modern age, and did a bit of research into modern real Witchcraft. She grabbed a few phrases, like Wicca and Book of Shadows, a few symbols, etc., and twisted them to fit her story.
    Witchcraft is real; Charmed is not.

  8. I personally think is real….I think that somewhere out there,there’s people that practice magic like them…the show might exagerate some of it..but the things had to come from somwhere. And I think that anything is possible out there.some people just chose not to believe it because they wants reasons for everything. But I believe that,that type of magic is out there.that’s just me though.

    • Magic is real, if it wasn’t, God would not have warned us about it in Deuteronomy in the Bible. He tells us what is detestable behaviour witchcraft, MAGIC, demonology, necromancy, etc. Contrary to what some people believe, there is no difference between white and black magic. Magic is magic. Contrary to what some people believe, wicca is the same as witchcraft. Wicca is Satan’s little white lie. Demons manipulate our three dimensional universe letting us believe we are doing it. They just want us to try to practice something God forbids. Magic opens doors to the demonic realm/dimension.


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