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Do you think the human brain is like Dr Who's tardis, bigger on the inside than on the outside?

TARDIS= Time And Relative Dimensions in Space.
Thinking about the ever expanding understanding of human consciousness-time,space and quantum fields, remote viewing, premonitions and telepathy.


  1. Absolutely! I can think about all of space and time if I want to – and that’s certainly more than my head will hold physically 🙂

  2. yes. i have two senses of my brain. One is the creepy grey matter that sits in my skull. that seems to be but a tool for my “real” brain to use. My other sense of my brain is that of my mind – infinite and capable of amazing feats. But one cannot exist without the other – as i don’t believe in the eternal soul or whatever.

  3. The brain is capable of building a world in our dreams.
    it is very powerful, but most of it is unknown.
    The powerful part of the brain works by itself.
    isnt that something.


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