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Do you think the environment you create for your baby affects it's nature?

I worked really hard to keep myself and the environment around me calm and serene during pregnancy. I got regular massages, I practiced meditation and yoga daily. I avoided my more high strung friends and wouldn’t let anyone touch my belly sending their energy to the baby unless they were extremely calm people.
Now, I have a wonderfully calm tempered infant. Everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am because he is so happy and calm all the time. When my husband and I say that we created a “ZEN” (LOL) baby by all the things I did…people just look at us like we are off our rocker.
So, What do you think?
Meppa…I won’t say I love your personal theory (LOL) but I love that you have one and shared it with me!!


  1. I dont think it contributes completely but it definitely has an effect.
    I am sure some parents do the same but have a hard time with their baby.
    I think doing everything you can to create this environment will make it more likely that you will have a happy little baby

  2. I truly think it is possible… And then also the environment you raise the child in affects it too…

  3. I agree with you 100%. I was also very calm throughout my pregnancy. My doctor was amazed (and a little worried) that my blood pressure didnt rise AT ALL. But I agree too that now my daughter is very calm and serene. I have no problems with tantrums, or going to bed at the right time. But then again I also am rather strict when it come to routine. And apparently babies like routine, so that may also have something to do with it. And good on you for the wonderful environment that you created for your baby!

  4. I had a very stressful first pregnancy and yes my little girl was awful, screamed all the time, and had reflux and wouldn’t sleep for more than 30 mins at a time. Luckily for me she is now 3.5 and sleeps well, still doesn’t eat the best, but can’t win them all.
    With my second pregnancy I did what I could to stay calm, but I was hospitalized twice due to hyper emesis and my blood pressure was too high right at the start, so it ended up being a stressful one anyway. My little boy was born and slept wonderfully, fed well and was in general a pleasure to be around. Now he is 11mo and is fussy with food, sleeps terribly and screeches over nothing, sorry not sure about your little experiment, I reckon it is more of…..
    good baby…….bad toddler
    bad baby………good toddler.

  5. I believe that the environment during your pregnancy did affect your child’s temperament. On top of that, the environment you raise your toddler affects what choices he/she makes.

  6. I definitely think it does have an effect. I had a wonderful pregnancy and birth. My partner and I are both very calm, laid back people and my ten week old is the most chilled out, happy baby ever (at the moment!). We are also very patient. I think this is the reason why he is so good and constantly laughs and smiles.

  7. I do believe in that kind of stuff. You created a nice calm environment for your baby to develop in and now you are seeing the results. Definitely yoga, meditation and knowing who to be with had a lot to do with it. Anyway remember that babies are babies and even tough your baby is very calm he will get fussy eventually, and you have sleepless nights ahead, teething, etc. I also have a very calm baby, but she kept me awake at least once a night till she was 8 months. I hope it’s better for you. Congratulations on your baby!


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