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Do you think that your thoughts shape your life?

For example, positive thinking leads to positive results/positive experiences?
And why is this? Is it because of the power of the subconscious mind…?


  1. Uhm, I think it’s something like , Thoughts lead to action, so if you think positive your actions are likely to be in a positive manner, which reaps positive results.

  2. oh yes, i completely agree with that, if ones thoughts are always on negative things, even when opportunity arrives they look at it negatively, and ruin their chances with it.

  3. In a sense. your thoughts shape your attitudes, which influence your actions, which influence the reactions you receive…get what I’m saying? Certainly positive begets positive — most of the time. And when it doesn’t, you’re more likely to see the silver lining in the cloudy skies that come your way. A lot of whether things are “good” or “bad” from your point of view depends upon the perspective that you choose to hold. Of course, some ugly things just suck, no matter how hard you try to make them better. I’m talking about the everyday things that are not really earth-shatteringly important, but still cause us stress in our daily lives.

  4. Positive thinking long enough filters to the subconscious and becomes innate, attracting good to you and helping you see good where others don’t. These are opportunities that others don’t see. Positive thoughts result in positive actions and their rewards.

  5. Positive thinking certainly does give one a sense of purpose in life and endows it with a sort of grandeur, as it were. In a way, this sort of mentality takes everyday experiences, even the most tedious, and exalts and dignifies them to a degree.
    That said, I think that, generally speaking, those who indulge in positive thinking are often setting themselves up for equally positive experiences.


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