Do you think that young people in the USA are disrespectful of older people?

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All I hear & read from the young is…that old hag can’t sing or act anymore, that guy isn’t good looking because he is old and gray and etc. Hey, you young people………….you are going to be old someday too if you’re lucky. Sooner than you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember that you are older longer than you are younger.

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Yes…but there’s a lot of older people out there that don’t deserve their respect anyway!

Neko s

I think some are and some are not. it some times depends on how you are raised at home


Thank you for this important word.
Any culture that disrespects its own elders is also a culture that abuses its own women and isolates its own children.

Sami V

Not necessarily a universal phenomenon!




This question, and the reality that generates it?
Been going on in our society forever – and shall (perhaps) never be changed. . .
Age makes all equal – unless and until one experiences some realities, there can be no understanding – ignorance is said to be bliss. . .
EDIT: to first answerer?
Right on – I totally agree!!! Many thumbs up for your answer.


Yes I find it very sad. There is a great amount of knowledge and history locked up in nursing homes. There was once a time that people did not put there family in nursing homes now everyone is so busy they don’t have the time to care for their family.


Very disrespectful. The main reason is that we can no longer properly discipline our children. When I was young, we would never dream of talking back to our parents, much less disobey them. The punishment was always swift, stiff, and almost always, fair. (I hope my dad isn’t reading this.) Anyway, now, kids are taught to call the authorities or tell a teacher and yell ‘abuse’ if you even raise your voice to them. Kids are smart. They know they got their parents over a barrell. You can’t be harsh at all, can’t punish them, or they can have you arrested. As such, they now act pretty much like they are untouchable, and that, in a nutshell, is why our society is dying a slow, rude death.
Just my 2 cents.
Long Live Jambi

Time & Again

We live in a youth oriented society. A lack of respect for elders is a result of that society.


They can be, it really depends on where you’re hearing the disrespect from.


Yes!!! I’m scared to grow old here. I am already planning to move into an all retirement community when I get there. Kids became that way for a reason though. Think about it. What’s going to happen when mom and dad are no longer around to tell them how special they are no matter what they do and they realize they have to work for a living?


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