Do you think that Westerners who adopt faiths other than Christianity are traitors?

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The exceptions being paganism as it existed in the West beforehand and native American shamanism in the USA.
But for people who adhere to non-Western religions like Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Bahaism and so forth…aren’t these people turncoats whom we should ostracise?

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no but that does sound like something a christian hatemonger would say


As far is “Westerners” are concerned, Xtianity is just another religion coming out of the East.

Ive got a question . . .



No. I think they just exercised their freewill to choose.


I’ve been given difficulties for showing a preference for Eastern philosophies.
Almost like I was un-American.
Interesting question for me.

Sparta Kitteh! Atheati Spartan

No. But people like yourself are traitors to humanity.

Harley Quinn

Christianity started off in the Middle East too dear.
And no I don’t.

Jesse O

This question is several levels of stupid. And coached in racism to boot.
Methinks you would have no problem with other peoples being turncoats for their religion and converting to Christianity.


No. Jesus associated with others in His society that mainstream people ostracized. Christians are to live lives as Christ would and not to hide under a basket. When others ask we are to have an answer for our beliefs. Many become Christians in that manner and thus are saved.

Meg M

No, but that does sound like something a TROLL would say.


Westerners should be worshipping Odin, Thor, Freya, and that bunch. I mean, we named the days of the week after them!
But, most of us follow this Eastern religion called Christianity. We we traitors?
The whole idea of being a Westerner is having the freedom to choose.

Burning delusion tonight

This has to be one of the silliest questions I have ever read. What business is it of yours what anyone else chooses to believe in?
Sign above the doorway of an ancient Buddhist temple; ‘This temple contains one thousand monks and one thousand religions’
There are quite enough reasons for conflict in this troubled world, please don’t look for others otherwise you will ostracise yourself into a very narrow circle of very narrow influences. Maybe that’s what you want but even the Amish talk to other people.

Lighting Up Time

Christianity is not a western religion … pratt.
Are you some kind of white KKK supremacist or some other kind of weirdo?

bo k

Faith is a human right.
We should be allowed to take what we like.
When it comes to faith, there is no patriotism.

Karl T

Ahem .. what do you mean by Westerners?
Did you know for example that the Greeks embraced Buddhism LONG before the Chinese and Siamese people did. Did you know that one of the earliest proselytizers for the Buddhist religion were in fact Greeks from their Hellenized city of Alexandria of the Caucasus ( also known as Kapisa in the modern period )?
The Greeks in India and in Bactria became Buddhist as far back as 180BCE based upon nuministic evidence ( though scriptural evidence from the Mahavamsa dates this to the time of Asoka!! ).
This is way before the Chinese or Thais became Buddhist.
Moreoever more interesting to note is that the Greek King Menander I of the Indo-Greeks is one of the 3 Great Champions of Buddhism ( he along with Asoka and Kanishka are equivalent to Constantine I to Christianity ). It was under King Menander I that Buddhism was able to thrive. The Milinda Panha ( the Questions of King Milinda/Menander ) is a testament to the influence of this King since no other Kings or individuals has such influence as to have an entire canon devoted to them.
This again predates Chinese and Thai involvement with Buddhism by at least a century. In fact to be honest the Greeks in India and Bactria were Buddhist about two centuries before the Chinese.
In fact more interestingly it turns out that the Buddhist sculptures and iconography are Greek in origin. Note that the Buddha is always depicted in a toga, that his hair is always depicted in the style of the Apollo Bellevedue ( even till today ).
Even the Abdhidhamma is unique as it contains a lot of Hellenic influence and systematization.
I recommend that you should read more on Greco-Buddhism, on the Indo-Greeks, on the Greeks in Bactria and on the Greeks and their expansion into Asia under Alexander the Great.


Individuality was the West’s greatest contribution to mankind. Are we seeing that disappear with the influence the worlds religions?
So no, I don’t see it as traitorous to adopt any of the Eastern religions which would include Christianity.


Western civilization originated as Greco-Roman and existed prior to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth (pbuh) aka Christ. Therefore shouldn’t you be wondering if Westerners who adopt faiths other than worship of Zeus and Jupiter are traitors?
Edit: Christianity began in a part of the Roman Empire, so, yes, I’d call it a western religion. Those respondents who are calling it an eastern religion should rethink that.


Considering Christianity is a foreign religion here, forced upon the ingenious peoples of North America, isn’t it even worse hate based upon religion is consuming the world?


Let’s see, the USA is a country founded on the principals that you can practice what you believe or do not believe in. We all fight hard to respect and live by these free principals, and if this country ever becomes one particular theocracy, then it fails on what it was founded on. So, in that note, anyone persecuting others for what they don’t believe in, no matter the belief, I can’t help be see the persecutors as traitors.


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