Home Discussion Forum Do you think that this section is much more 'alive' now?

Do you think that this section is much more 'alive' now?

Especially with the block features, we could put away some nasty users and stalkers from bugging and harassing other users? I think so…
Its most annoying when someone asks each and every other person “r u related to thebear” EVERY SINGLE POSTS!!!
I think people can really have their say now, and not getting into some dumb and stupid fights each time someone ask something ‘provoking’. Some users are also able to express themselves and give their 2 gummybears worth without being stoned…
As one user had said to me in an email… its like… better than sex!
The best part of it is that… gang up calls are just treated as big jokes these days when you wake up each morning looking at the mainboard with another gang up call… LOL I find them entertaining, by the way…
I still find some intolerant ones here and there but have yet to find them personally abusive so far… and I’m fine with that (including criticisms). That’s really a cool mix of people we have here.
LOLS Winterlotus and Yuse. Add me as your friend, follow my Questions and Answers on the Bearian Kingdom and you’ll be there 🙂
Keep it up!


  1. Yes.
    I am cool too, so say most people here :~P
    Thanks for the 2 points….want to climb to Level 5….for the first time, I want to climb hahaha……..

  2. Yes i love this section more than ever, even though very annoying to see some people keep on asking everyone the ‘related’ question and calling people racist. I wonder if they knew what racist is.


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