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Do you think that there is a relation between "butterfly effect" and "psychokinesis"?


  1. The butterfly effect is a name given to a metaphor used as a simplified ‘lies to children’ explanation of chaos theory.
    In the metaphor, the tiny wind pattern changes created by the beating of a butterflies wings could potentially create ripple effects that eventually result in a typhoon forming on the other side of the globe.
    It is not really meant to be taken literally, but is an allegorical visualization intended to demonstrate that tiny changes in one part of a system can have huge results when all of the interactions of that change move through an interconnected causal path in a complex system.
    Psychokinesis is an alleged psychic phenomenon in which a mind is able to physically interact with the physical universe to move objects without touching them with another actual physical object. It violates several fundamental theories about how we understand the universe to work, and if ever observed and proved to exist would revolutionize physics in a manner greater than Newton, Einstein, Feynman and Hawking combined.
    There is no relation between the two, however.

  2. Yeah, if you want there to be. They are both imaginary so if you imagine there is a relationship between the two there suddenly will be.


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