Do you think that the statues of Buddha show more what Buddha did than who Buddha was?

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Is not the statue of Buddha more of a memorial to meditation than an actual depiction of Buddha as if he were a god? He would not have wanted to be worshiped as a god.

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Jeff Spicoli

Nobody, especially Buddhists, worships Buddha as a god.


You are absolutely right about that.

Nick the Italian

Buddhists don’t worship Buddha, in fact many Buddhists are atheist.


That’s something to rub your gold leaf on


It’s too bad he can’t tell you about Hell


I would suggest that buddha would find the statues abhorrent and as for nobody worshiping the biudda statues I wouldnt advise spitting on one in Thailand you will go to jail for it silly person

Just Sam

We don’t worship the Buddha. Statues of him honor his wisdom, remind us of our path, and focusing on him in a peaceful asana helps to give us a feeling of the same wisdom and peacefulness.

Rai A

The different statues are heavily influenced by the local traditions as the faith spread.
The “Jolly Buddha” is haevily influenced by the Chinese traditions where “fat men” were considered healthy/lucky/etc.

School Marms Worst Knight Mare

I have heard that many believe if you rub the gut of a Buddha it is supposed to bring you luck.
One was given to me once and I threw it in the garbage.

Christian M

If you are worshiping the Buddha as a God he would be very stern with you and chastise you till you thought he was a mad man. If the sight of the Buddha doesn’t at least remind you of what you need to do to awaken in Truth and Reality of Being, you’ve wasted your time giving his statue a google.

Thimmappa M.S.

Statues are a freeze of a moment, can never depict the totality of a person in His all moments. Buddha is only to be experienced, cannot captured in concepts and idols.

Yusofa's 3 Tribes & 2 Clans

Even though much of his life and miracles appear in the NT as is — Buddha himself proclaimed he was not a god. He also forbid any statue or picture of him to be made—however, like Christianity, people created images they thought would help them meditate and bring them around to enlightenment. Statues of what they saw as Buddha didn’t appear on the market until the third century when Jesus was seen as a reincarnation of Buddha and a combination of the two were revealed as one in many temples and churches.


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