Do you think that the level of consciousness is equal to the level of purity of heart?

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No. Children, e.g., are pure of heart, but I doubt if they have the same level of consciousness or awareness about the world as some adults do.


Level of consciousness is more likely to equal
to your knowledge


No, if our conscience was pure and and our hearts purity, why would we need God? Newborn infants are a whole different story


I have never heard it put that way before, but it does often seem to me like many of the worst things people do are done because they are sleeping their way through their lives, not really awake, unconscious, unaware, cloudy, dissipated, and impure. There may be something to what you’re suggesting. Not in all cases, but sometimes.
I disagree with mo. I think children often have very high levels of consciousness. they have less knowledge, but that’s not really the same.


Consciousness of God? Not in all cases. But I am sure it helps.


Or impurity of the heart.


I think some of the posters are confusing consciousness with mentality.
Personally, I find this one of the best questions I’ve seen on Y/A!
I’m not sure of the answer, but I will definitely give it extensive thought!
You’re probably right….


It seems to me in this day and age that conscious intent outweighs purity of heart, which is sad. No one trusts anybody anymore and I believe that it will always be that way. People do things knowing full well the consequences and results of their actions and words. They do it for themselves and only themselves, it is getting increasingly harder to find a genuinely kind person who won’t take advantage of you in the least bit.


No….I believe a high sense of humanity is close to purity of heart.


Yes, but it is very complex. A person can a wonderful heart and still have it gunked up by fears (known or unknown), needing to forgive someone, no desire to seek answers (or complacency with one’s situation so a natural curiosity is hindered).
Excellent question Rita. Love and light to you 🙂
Edit: Rita, I can already tell that I will be thinking about this question for awhile 🙂 Thank you for posting this.

Christian M

They must have a correlation in that where there is a higher awareness there is also a purer being. They do go hand in hand. For God to reside in one’s heart there can be no other thing in that heart. For one to see clearly, have a high level of consciousness, one must see with other than physical eyes. These states of awareness are dependent upon a heart clear of taint and a mind clear of confusion.


also equal to moral value.

Manoj D

also to clarity of thoughts of an unbiased mind supported by noble upbringing and honourable beliefs….though this holds good for adults only because children in any case never ever do things consciously..for them every thing is done generally out of love or instinct, where there is no place for logic and surmises.


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