Do you think that the ego is a delusional splinter that has cut itself off from the larger spiritual reality?

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A delusional Kingdom hell on earth??

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Old Timer Too

Ego could certainly be viewed that way. If you look at some of the claims and counter claims of religious folks in this forum, it is demonstrated by some of the hateful posts regarding other religious paths.

mighty b

no….and leggo of my ego!

Mogollon Dude

With out an ego many accomplishments would not occur . It is when it gets out of control through a failing spiritual self that it get dangerous .


The essential nature of ego is awareness but that
awareness in ego feels it is bound and limited.
The aim of all spiritual disciplines is to let the
awareness in ego to realise that it was never bound
by anything and it is always free even during the time
when it feels bounded.This happens when one realises
that bondage is just a concept and it has no locus standi.

unity in diversity

no. don’t make ego into the enemy, then you will never liberate it back into consciousness. you yourself made the ego, it is the sum of all things, mental (ideologies, belief systems, intellectual knowledge) and material possessions, your body, name, story, job you identify with. identity comes from identify. disidentifying from it happens by seeing the truth of what you are.


“When the ego is cornered and has nowhere to go, the only thing one can do is to put it down. And when one puts down the ego, then that is enlightenment.” One of the world’s most respected Buddhist masters said that and I totally agree with that.


not in my case…you? 😉


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