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Do you think that the ability to question oneself is an essential part of consciousness?

If someone didn’t question themselves at all then they’d just do whatever came to mind without thinking about it. People like this wouldn’t last long, if you think the ability to question oneself is necessary for consciousness, when do you think the ability to question oneself appeared?


  1. Most certainly; and last time I looked, a cow can’t do this. That’s why they wind up being dinner for millions.

  2. Yes, I do. If a person doesn’t question themselves and try to correct their flaws then they’ll never grow as a person and will just keep repeating negative patterns over and over. One’s ability to question oneself appears after the negative pattern has been repeated enough that they finally “get it”. For me it was age 25, however, I know 50 year old’s who still don’t get it. LOL!

  3. probably around the time that you relize that your parents have the ability to correct your actions. Then when put into a situation where they might not approve and you stop and ask yourself would mom or dad approve? That turns into self doubt. In my opinion.

  4. probably very soon after human existence, when man had to hunt for their own food and whatnot…they had to learn that everything you do has a consequence-good or bad- or they would have all ended up complaining all the time and killing each other instead of hunting

  5. Nah. It’s just a way to avoid noticing that we are alone. The questions start a never ending dialogue/monologue so that no one has to experience their fears and concerns about being alone.
    We can call intellect all we like. We can call it being evolved. We can call it being enlightened.
    However, just find 12 people who can sit without thinking, without distractions for 30 minutes, with no thought. The fear and anxiety will make them stir crazy.

  6. I would totally agree if I didn’t meet a kid in college who acted purely on instinct. I can not explain him to you any other way than saying that he had no filter in his head. No thinking, just saying and doing. I’m not talking ADD or something related, he just did not contemplate anything he said or did.
    Yes, this can lead to a number of problems: saying the wrong thing to someone at St. Pattys Day parade and getting your ass kicked, offending most everyone you meet, etc etc etc.
    But what you have to keep in mind in your OWN consciousness is that not everyone works the same way. If you met this kid once, you had one of two distinct ideas about him: he was cool as shit, or he was the biggest douchebag you’d ever met.
    Either way though, you always knew where he stood. Are people who question themselves truly being themselves? As I said, I believe whole heartily that anything left unquestioned is a waste, but put it this way:
    A person is thrown into a situation (it doesn’t need to be a specific one). They think of a way to respond to/deal with the situation. They then think “well is this the best way to respond?”. This continues for a a little bit in their head, and then they act upon the situation. The question is, is the response to that situation truly that person’s? Or is it a tailored response to not deviate too much from what would be an accepted response to a particular situation?
    Truly the latter would be anything BUT being yourself, which I have to say is heartily ironic seeing as it’s your consciousness which brings you to said conclusion.
    At least you always know where the man who acts on instincts truly stands in his own heart and mind.

  7. Oh please, I know people who DONT question themselves. Those are the dumb mfers who go through life day do to day doing the same crap other people tell them to do. They are called, “marionettes”. I see where you are going with this. Those people may last long, yes they might, but it would lie on everyone elses terms and not their own. Look up slavery.
    @Jackie Draper, you are DEAD ON!

  8. Well if we go back and look at the philosophers of our time. Socrates had the same way of thinking. And that was just pretty much keep asking questions until we get the full truth. Why are we here? What happens after we die? Is Oprah human? My personal belief is that if we don’t ask questions then we aren’t thinking for ourselves. One of the beauties of life is the ability to think.


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