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Do you think that people "astral traveling" had anything to do with the Salem Witch Trials?

I know that those little girls started it. However, there must have been something happening to cause them to think there really was witchcraft involved. Was astral traveling even mentioned?Was it even known of at that time? Could people have been astral traveling & thought they were just dreaming?


  1. I have provided you some links below. I have never seen any evidence in the witch trials that would suggest astral travel or any other type of psychic power was believed in or displayed. Of course many people did practice witchcraft (meaning healing arts) that employed herbs.
    By almost all accounts the witch trials were an excuse to be able to gain land and was economic and political motivated.

  2. I doubt astral traveling is even possible.Certainly all tests have resulted in failure.Of all the psychic boasting.This would be the easiest to confirm.
    The Salem witch trials were unfortunately real.When boiled down it was a property grab.It’s a good example of the violence superstition can and does descend into.They still burn “witches” even to this day,now that’s scary.

  3. No. Are you schizophrenic? If so, take your anti-psych drugs. If not, I would suggest reading up on the history of women persecution starting with the ‘witch trials’ of 17th century Europe. The witch trials had absolutely nothing to do with witchcraft.


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